Last Nights MBG TV show - question and answers

Last night Jess and i did a Q&A on our regular thursday night (5pm cst) webinar on MBG-TV and WOW did we have alot of great questions!
Questions on how do i start eating plant based? Educate urself with some great books;
  • the china study for education, for FACTS...this includes ALL the studies and facts
  • trhive diet by brendan brazier - for ATHLETE NUTRITION & STRESS, and how to do it...this includes meals and plans
  • your healthy journey - by dr. fred bisci: for ALL, its great, it gives plans to start where ur at.....FINDS YOUR PATH FROM WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO...excellent, easy read too!!
  • eat for health books 1& 2 - by dr joel furhman; for all, different view on nutrition...not calorie counting but nutrient counting! totally different view.
  • THIS LIST - educates you by giving u the facts, giving you a few plans and simple steps to follow to get in great shape, have better energy, get leaner, stronger and feel....better:)
another solid question was from an older man who worries that joining a local functional training gym in his hood...think it was a crossfit gym... would it be too much? and he wanted my thoughts on it. this is a question ALOT of people today must run into as CF's and other functional training gyms are more common than when i opened the 1st one in america over 16 years ago.. my answer is simple;
  • first off....go on in and check it out
  • Does whatever gym ur interested in answer some basic questions for you?
  • FEEL do you dig it or not? 
  • Do you feel supported in YOUR goals, not there goals for you?
  • Do they start you where your at or at the same as everyone else...same level for all?
  • Do they know how to deal with your aches and pains?
  • Do they have a healthy community of support or is it all about ego, appearance, numbers?
THESE POINTS - are all about you and your path, not anyone elses path...being in a place that knows and appreciates where you are coming from is important...but also YOU knowing what you specific in your goals...think big, crazy, have fun with it and then find a place that will support you in achieving your goals!! Goal set, find where you are today, make a smart and realistic plan of action (Massive Action Plan - MAP) to then take you from where you are to where you want to be....make this plan include small weekly goals on your path...think rungs on a ladder!!

hope this helps my friends, IF you want to be on the next live show you can!! IF you have questions you want to it!! We want to help people and planet to be healthier, stronger, happier!!

Your friend


  1. Amazing experiences and hints u guys shared with us! Thanks a lot and keep the webinars up! lol

    1. hey nathalla!! good to hear from you and glad you like the info:) we'll keep the webinars up and please feel free to ask questions during them if u got em okay!! take care! jon


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