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Last Nights MBG TV show - question and answers

Last night Jess and i did a Q&A on our regular thursday night (5pm cst) webinar on MBG-TV and WOW did we have alot of great questions!
Questions on how do i start eating plant based? Educate urself with some great books;
the china study for education, for FACTS...this includes ALL the studies and factstrhive diet by brendan brazier - for ATHLETE NUTRITION & STRESS, and how to do it...this includes meals and plansyour healthy journey - by dr. fred bisci: for ALL, its great, it gives plans to start where ur at.....FINDS YOUR PATH FROM WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO...excellent, easy read too!!eat for health books 1& 2 - by dr joel furhman; for all, different view on nutrition...not calorie counting but nutrient counting! totally different view.THIS LIST - educates you by giving u the facts, giving you a few plans and simple steps to follow to get in great shape, have better energy, get leaner, stronger and feel....better:) another solid question was from an older man w…