Handstand Walking tutorial - step 2!!

Hey my friends, well it's Step 2 of my Handstand Walking tutorial....it's basic, simple stuff but you know what it works GREAT in getting new folks not only into a handstand, but doing Handstand walking! How well does it work? Well at just one CNT course a few years back we got all 23 students into holding a Handstand within 20 minutes....and that's 23 who had never even tried a handstand before!! Out of that 23, we then got 15 to walk on their hands in the next 5 minutes....no problem. So simple works just liket we teach at our Certified Natural Training (CNT) courses!!

SO, last week i showed you how to do step 1 in my Handstand Walking tutorial....just simply doing proper lateral handstand walking on the floor. Again, No Experience Necessary!

At the Monkey Bar Gym we do everything in 3 levels:
Stability / Strength / Power.
So for this weeks Handstand Walking Tutorial we'll begin at the 2nd step.....IF you can do the 1st step for 30 yards (15 yards each way with out stopping). IF you cannot hit the 30 yards in 1 set then keep working on it, improve the technique, improve the rhythm of the movement.
Stability Level - this is for beginners, folks coming off injury, older or overweight.....in any case...for them it's about getting aligned first and then progressing in challenge. In my handstand walking tutorial i like to get beginners use to the transitioning of weight and maintaining proper alignment while doing so.
Strength Level - this is the person who has some experience, has been doing our training for 6 months to over a year. A person who has good general fitness across the board. IF you have done the 30 yards pre-req. on the floor then you're good to go with step 2!
The exercise: Lateral Wall Handstand walking (LHW)
How to do LWHW?  start in incline plane with hands together and feet apart, then walk your feet up the wall until your hands are about 1 yard from the wall with hands closer together than the feet...so hands closer, feet wide is where you will begin. From here you follow the same hand feet patterning that you learned on the floor...hands together, feet apart TO moving laterally to hands apart, feet together. With this known, begin laterally handstand walking left for 5 steps and then back to your right for 5 steps....work this for 5 sets of 10 yards. When you can do this 50 yards total your next goal is to do the 50 yards in 4 sets, then 3 sets, then 2 sets. When you can do the 50 yards in 2 sets it's time to go for your 30 plus yard set!! When you can hit this then it's time to move up to step 3!!
What's the focus? Keep all points we teach while in incline plane with toes on the wall...arms straight, shoulders wide, body long from head thru heels and body (butt and belly) braced. Plus pay attention to how you can smoothly transition from one hand to the other hand....this is key for you to progress to your next stage which i will teach you next time....teaching how to properly kick up into handstands and then how to use the wall!!
Homework - 3 times over the next week do; 5 sets of 5+ yards each way of your Handstand Walking tutorial step 2....moving smoothly, transitioning both arm and leg at the same time, keeping the body aligned, arms straight, body long
i want to see you share how you are doing on your Handstand Walking tutorial by posting a video on our MBG facebook page...tag me and ask me to check out your form and i'll give you some feedback!

p.s. if you like what you have learned and want to learn more then our MBG online training membership might be perfect for you as we practice Handstand Walking all the time so you will be sure to improve alot on them:) Click the link to go sign up now!


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