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Handstand Walking tutorial - step 2!!

Hey my friends, well it's Step 2 of my Handstand Walking's basic, simple stuff but you know what it works GREAT in getting new folks not only into a handstand, but doing Handstand walking! How well does it work? Well at just one CNT course a few years back we got all 23 students into holding a Handstand within 20 minutes....and that's 23 who had never even tried a handstand before!! Out of that 23, we then got 15 to walk on their hands in the next 5 problem. So simple works just liket we teach at our Certified Natural Training (CNT) courses!!

SO, last week i showed you how to do step 1 in my Handstand Walking tutorial....just simply doing proper lateral handstand walking on the floor. Again, No Experience Necessary!

At the Monkey Bar Gym we do everything in 3 levels:
Stability / Strength / Power.
So for this weeks Handstand Walking Tutorial we'll begin at the 2nd step.....IF you can do the 1st step for 30 yards (15 yards each way with out s…