Thoughts on Simple & Strong training and living!

Some thoughts:)
Today the world is all about getting everything now....a microwave culture of wanting immediate results. It has become an impatient place to live, short attention spans, short term results and then constant changes to find the quick what's the truth?
I feel it is the story of the tortoise and the hare. We've all heard it before....they race, the hare takes off and is way ahead, begins to gloat, laugh it up and become distracted...allowing the tortoise to catch him, pass him and win the race.
The moral of the story; is don't rush thru life as you miss out on all the beauty and glory of the slow path, the true path. When i think about taking the slower path v. the faster path, its easy to see why this is especially important today for many rushing thru life we miss out on keep this short i'm going to talk about fitness and health only here:
Slow path                                                  versus                                           Fast path
Being patient in your strength training, training very strong, yet NOT going to failure or fatigue sets
Rushing to improve as much as possible each workout and doing whatever it takes to improve each workout....meaning cheat on form as needed to improve your time, your score, your ego.
The Slow path teaches patience, teaches and develops self control and the knowledge and then the wisdom of staying to the path of becoming stronger
The Fast paths short term successes, ego fed workouts
that teach impatience, grow the ego, teach by any means necessary and this cheating and ego based training directly leads to imbalances in the body and mind and it only gets worse until one is completely trapped, in pain both mentally and physically.
So WHAT is a Simple & Strong training practice?
It's training towards your goals, challenging yourself daily while listening to how your body and mind are adapting.
Training at a very high level without breaking the bank....your body, mind and nervous system.
Training as an athlete does with intent to improve performance while being conscious of how
your training effects your sport or life. IF you train and gain in performance over each year then you're on the right path....if you train and end in constant bouts of aches, pains of up and down cycles throughout the year, then you're on the wrong path.
So HOW does one practice in a Simple & Strong manner?
refine form with a daily practice of movement, nutrition and balancing the body & mind
challenge all levels to improve without going to failure, fatigued reps or total destruction of the body and mind....okay occassionally yeah it's fun to crush yourself and that's cool but you need to understand when you do this it takes a good 2 weeks to recover so during that time ya gotta be
patient and allow recovery to happen...otherwise your running the same the hare!!:)
hope this helps you in your training my friends!
that's just some thoughts:)


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