"Handstand walking Tutorial" step 1

Hey my friends, i've had many people ask me to layout a tutorial on various aspects of training
that we teach at our Certified Natural Training (CNT) courses....like how to jump high, run fast, walking on your hands and lots more:
Among my favorite topics to teach and most fun for all in attendance is learning how to walk on your hands.....a "Handstand Walking Tutorial"
Never done them before no worries, practice each step, get ownership of each step and you will get it in no time:
We'll take some time over the next few weeks so you can work on one aspect each week.
At the Monkey Bar Gym we do everything in 3 levels. So for this weeks Handstand Walking Tutorial we'll begin here;
Stability Level - this is for beginners, folks coming off injury, older or overweight.....in any case...for them it's about getting aligned first and then progressing in challenge. In my handstand walking tutorial i like to get beginners use to the transitioning of weight and maintaining proper alignment while doing so.
The exercise: Lateral handstand walking (LHW)
How to do LHW?  start in incline plane with hands together and feet apart, then moving to your left step your left hand and right foot at the same time...now you are hands apart, feet together. Keep moving in this manner for 5 steps left, then 5 steps back to your right.
What's the focus? Keep all points we teach while in incline plane...arms straight, shoulders wide, body long from head thru heels. Plus pay attention to how you can smoothly transition from one hand to the other hand....this is key for you to progress to your next stage which i will teach you next time....using the wall!!
Homework - 3 times over the next week do; 5 sets of 5+ yards each way....moving smoothly, transitioning both arm and leg at the same time, keeping the body aligned, arms straight, body long
tell me how it goes,
tell me what you learned from such a simple drill
AND THEN i'll share with you how to take it to the next level!
p.s. if you like what you have learned and want to learn more then our MBG online training membership might be perfect for you as we practice Handstand Walking all the time so you will be sure to improve alot on them:) Click the link to go sign up now!


  1. Hey Jon-

    I just tried this as I get kind of bored working out. I thought I'd try it as skill work, but it turned into my workout! Good thing I've been coming to the BASE class, because those cues for incline plane helped a lot. The stability level was pretty hard for me, but I feel like I got a better understanding of where weight should be than I've ever felt before when trying to walk on my hands.
    I did have a little pain in my wrist that seems to go away after the beginning, but was there when I was done too. It was on the thumb side. Any tips on that? Thanks!


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