Turning Stress into Strength!!

Hey my friends, owning your own business can be stressful....or doing whatever in LIFE can be stressful as well....overcoming stress AND working to become stronger!! now that is a good challenge! So today i'm going to talk a little bit about how i deal with work stress AND work on getting stronger on a daily basis.
Everything below is going to be a simple point that i will go into more detail down the road:
One - i realize life is what you make it and so i do my best to make mine an enjoyable one.
Two - Everyday i listen to my gut, spirit, and follow it....listening and not forcing is something i think most people eventually begin to do as they grow.
For sure i did not listen when i was younger....the result was a serious crash and burn....overworked, under-rested, over training, under-recovering = crash and burn!
So how do u listen to ur gut or spirit? Tired? Then rest? Anxious? Do what makes u feel relaxed and happy, something natural and something that gives balance back to you....for me it's doing something that connects me to the present....playing with my cats, doing some BASE or EY, riding my bike, going for a walk, just being outside or doing my breathing or cold water work....all bring my balance back.

HOW?  every day i eat in a way to improve how i feel...whole food plant based!
Every day i rest and relax to recover lost energy.
Every day i do my breathing (Vim Hoff Method) to strengthen my lungs, spirit, body and mind!
Every day i do my cold water (VHM again:) to challenge and strengthen my mind, body, spirit!
When i train if i feel at all stressed or tired (which if u have never had your own business then you may not understand....if u do or u have....then you will understand...it can be exhausting sometimes :) haha but it's ALOT different than working for someone is all i'll say now!
When this happens i completely NIX metabolic or speed based workouts in favor of simple and strong workouts. The deadlift is one of my favorites...it's whole body, it's simple and strong as helll!!:)
After training my wife jess and i go to the water....chill for about 10-15 minutes...literally!
Today e.g. it was 13 minutes in 36 degree water:) then we go eat something WFPB, then do some simple work in the afternoon...like writing a blog:) haha
These are my ways i take stress and make it into strength!
dandy blend tea, 1 sweet potato and some nut butter
later, went to train, did BASE then did my S&S program:
  1. kettlebell deadlifts; work ups to 108s + bar (485lbs) x 1 felt good...best i've done since college! Since it's a PR, my next workout i'm going to do 6 x1's of 104s. https://www.facebook.com/jonnyhinds/
  2. Muscle ups: 5 x 5 working on little to no swing and they're coming along great! NEXT TIME: go to 6s!! after my sets i played with doing variations and i got about 3-4 different ones in a row. I remember my boy Zef easily doing 14 different ones in a row!! Thats BADASS!!
  3. Handstand push ups off 12" boxes: assisted with 1 BXT band 5 x 4,3,3,3,3 felt good next time going to 4,3's
Post workout - did cold water plunge 13 minutes and felt AWESOME after!!:) still feeling great hours later too....truly cool stuff!
Lunch: Had an awesome salad + tons of veggies and a little tuna....felt very good!
Well that's my day so far! hope this helps inspire or help you to live and b stronger mentally, physically and/or spiritually:)
peace and love my friends!


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