Air, Water... and EYES:)

Friends Jared, Chris and me....meeting to train, breath and sit n the water:)
HEY MY FRIENDS!!:) hope ur all doing great! this last week has been cooool...literally:) the water is getting colder everyday now and right now it's down to about 36 - 37 degrees. Our training is coming along great....still making solid improvements each week, our plant strong nutrition is on point and the MBG is doing GREAT!!:) SO we're feeling pretty good! In my blog each week i'll do my best to relay anything new, answer questions anyone poses, share some of my training, nutrition, alignment training as well as other stuff i'm working on....which over the last year has included Vim Hoff breathing and cold water training and then the Bates Method for Eyesight training....SO hope u enjoy it, hope u ask any questions and hope this inspires you to reach higher....cause i believe in you my friends:)

Jess and I sitting for about 10 min in 37 degree water...chilling!
    NOW lets get to this week:) Two things i have really noticed a difference in are my ability to breath better and see better over the last year....thanks to two old tried and true methods of restoring the body, mind and eyes as well.
Thanks to Vim Hoff for bringing a very old method of healing to the forefront of the world today....his breathing and cold water techniques have taken something that people did not really think of, or believe in just a few years ago. He's proved the two work amazingly well at improving health of body and mind! WHAT am i talking about? Breathing deeply and sitting in cold water or a cold shower....individually they have immense power...together they change your life! Before athletes, native americans and many others knew the power of cold the book the mighty atom he talked about deep breathing and cold water exposure....but it was un-clear as to how do i really go about doing them....Vim Hoff did it....not just making it up but he's been doing it for many years now and had studies done, set many cold water and cold exposure records to prove the mind has amazing strength. People now can follow a program to simple health methods that he has taken from the ages and refined to incredible levels of success!  My friends Jared and Chris learned from VH himself in Poland and are now teaching others his methods. IF interested, look to our FB pages soon to sign up for a april VHM course  they'll be teaching at MBG's gonna be an amazing time my friends!!
SIDENOTE: i've been doing the cold water since last January 1st ....up to todays 9 minutes in 37 degree water...and the VHM of breathing and cold water since about march or april when Jared and Chris came out and taught me the methods....Jessica has just started the cold water sitting in october up to todays with me and she's amazing at it...never shivers!!:) it's crazy...she's totally okay with staying in:) I'm shivering and she's totally chillin':) either way, she loves it and it's changed her life too!
    The second extra i'm working on is my Bates method of eyesight's simple and i've noticed very solid improvements over the last 3 months!  You see the eyes are just like any other muscle in the body....they work hard all day, get tired and they need rest and recovery too....the BM teaches you just the right techniques to reverse poor eyesight and it takes about 15 minutes a day!
   The two together can take about 40 minutes of your time a day...but if u cold shower instead that's a big time saver!
I'll post some training, nutrition and other stuff for you all soon!


  1. I remember having similar conversations with Steve Maxwell around the eyesight training and cold showers! Great stuff.


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