Training Log 061214

Boobie chillin' like a villian!! We all could learn to listen like he does:)
After a stressful weekend i'm starting to get back into my groove.
Crazy how money and dis-honorable people can throw a wrench into your flow if you let it
Fatique and dis-ease followed suit and it affected how i felt quite a bit fri-sun
SO i went back to the basics, i followed my MBG workouts, ate simple meals
and walked alot to de-stress:)....feeling really good now:
Monday was 60 yards in as few sets as possible;
  • KB row/bear crawls x 44k's - 5 x 12 yards each set
  • PW alligator push ups (6 yards plyos, 6 yards reg pw allig) - 5 x 12 yards each set
AWESOME!! Love this workout:)
did not do leg portion as my legs were tired from squat cleans 5x5x36s on saturday still

Wednesday was the as far as possible in 4 sets (i did 5 sets:) of:
  • *clean & press work up sets (replaced GHD's) - worked up to 10 x 36k's (felt good)
  • ---
  • Rope climb - used legs and did 5 x 3 ascents on 16' rope
  • Handstand 6" box walk ups (put feet on 42" box...hands to floor, then boxes = 1) 5 x 10
  • ---
  • Core Tri-fecta (this is my favorite way to drastically improve all 3 hard arse core exercises
    • Power Wheel crawl - 1 x 60 yards (hard as i hadnt done it in awhile)
    • Power Wheel rollouts to chest - 1 x 30 reps (not bad...hard but good!)
    • Back Dome crawl - 1 x 10 yards with 10 count hold at the end (very good!)
 More on nutrition and restoration next blog:)


  1. Nutrtion post would be awesome. Are you still using the barley grass?

  2. yep:) i'll post that this weekend (nutrition okay:)

  3. I am torn between warrior greens and amazing grass green the extra buck of healthforce really worth it?

    1. i love them....have had warrior greens as well and they taste very similar... just got really turned off by warr greens on how they get you to sign up for a trial and then auto bill you for months .... not cool....product was good though:) so both equal aside from that:)

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