Back after a leave of blogging!

If i want to feel amazing, i eat this!!:) haha is that a joke question? you think so huh:)
After a long time off my buddy Jeremy Liban reminded me to blog last night:) haha i had been so busy i simply stopped it awhile ago and forgot to start it up again:) ha!
Gonna keep it simple here....lets use this as a place to talk training, ask question as you like, i answer them all....i'll write up my training, some meals and eischens yoga...and basically living i go about it and how you all do as well. IF i can help you just ask, IF i inspire you tell me as that inspires me:)
Well over the last 4-5 years i've honestly had some issues, had gotten lung burn pretty bad, then did it again and again til it was basically .... jon you cant do cardio now....only strength training...thought i'd never get my lungs back.
two friends almost on the same day hooked me up, naturalpath Dr. Chad Oler and Hadley Hodges introduced me to mushrooms and their positive benefits....2-3 weeks not alot...then SUCCESS!! i can run again, actually have begun doing metabolic workouts again at about 60-80% intensity without side affects!! that's pretty big for me as jogging a block before put my hands on my knees...lame:) haha
Eischens Yoga - feeling good, doing a strong sequence 3 x week, giving a full back dome...great!
Training - haha have run (no sprints yet) 2-3 miles a day over the last 4-5 days out of the week! mixed em in with some workouts and feeling very good!
5.21.14 did the following
4 x thru AFAP
440 yard run > 10 x 24k's MP > 10 x 24s PP > 10 strict pullups > 10 kips
time was 26:54 pretty good, not full speed for sure but very happy to do it!!:)
Meals - pretty clean, like meal pictured above, smoothie 1 x favorite green smoothie...awesome!!:)
FUN - biking alot! saw new Godzilla movie...jess and i liked it:) alot of critics are not feeling it, but we liked it alot....SEEN IT? what do you think?
BBALL - want the HEAT, not a pacer fan in any way....SPURS look like champions though, heat and spurs in finals will be an awesome finals, but i think the spurs are off the charts good this year!


  1. So whats in the bowl Jon? Btw loving my Power Wheel and Jump Rope. Now need a MBG down in south eastern VA

  2. How did you get the lung burn? ...and what's in the bowl?

  3. hey guys, the bowl has alot of great stuff in it....mixed greens, bell peppers, onions, portebella mushroom, tomato, sunflower seeds, sour kraut and a quinoa burger (which is really tasty!)
    SCOTT - south east VA....dont know of any mbg trainers down there yet:) glad you love the PW and JR! so do i:) haha
    Anonymous:) - lung burn from doing a crazy hard metabolic workout...think it was 75 double snatches with the 24s and 75 kips ... did it in about 11 minutes and lungs were on fire, coughing, got sick, got better and then did it again 3 months later:) took years to get back to where i am today.

  4. Jonny Boy, when you hitting Brooklyn, East Village again? Give me a heads up and we will chill like GORILLAS!!! Miss you, homie and hope your ears were ringing yesterday.... a friend of mine from town works in SI and is good friends with Jimmy Lopez

    I told him he HAS to train at MBG in SI, he told me he does! ha ha

    Much Luv, C U soon, braddah!


    1. great talking to you brah!! looking forward to coming out and hanging out!! cool about your boy and SI!!:) haha funny huh! cu soon brah! J

  5. Here's my dream seminar/long weekend. A double strength & conditioning session and BJJ session with you AND Steve Maxwell. What are the odds of you two ever teaming up and doing a dvd or something?


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