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Back after a leave of blogging!

After a long time off my buddy Jeremy Liban reminded me to blog last night:) haha i had been so busy i simply stopped it awhile ago and forgot to start it up again:) ha!
Gonna keep it simple here....lets use this as a place to talk training, ask question as you like, i answer them all....i'll write up my training, some meals and eischens yoga...and basically living i go about it and how you all do as well. IF i can help you just ask, IF i inspire you tell me as that inspires me:)
Well over the last 4-5 years i've honestly had some issues, had gotten lung burn pretty bad, then did it again and again til it was basically .... jon you cant do cardio now....only strength training...thought i'd never get my lungs back.
two friends almost on the same day hooked me up, naturalpath Dr. Chad Oler and Hadley Hodges introduced me to mushrooms and their positive benefits....2-3 weeks not alot...then SUCCESS!! i can run again, actually have begun doing metabolic workouts a…