What is the most successful training & nutrition program?

      Why does Bill Doe look the exact same bodyfat, the same strength? Why do people start, quit and then re-start training programs and diets? The question has haunted people for as long as i've known people to be into "getting in shape". They want "THE WAY", they start it, only to end up going back to their tried and true crappy way of fitness where they are forever weak and out of shape!
I do not have all the answers, been a trainer since age 16, so have 34 years of experience....what i've learned is that simple works, listening to your heart works....listening to wise people that have done what you want to do and finding your way to do it yourself works! So what is that?
Training for strength & conditioning? Or training for balance? Or playing?
Nutrition for looks? Or for performance? Or for health & happiness?
Many many options....so what is it?
Answer this question....if the world was in total dis-array and you wanted to survive ... would you care if you had 6 pack abs? Or would low impact aerobics classes make you feel safe? Or would being a yogi help you thru?
I think about these things alot, to ask why and what we are doing and does it make sense.
To me i want to be in shape, to be able to run to save self or loved ones, i want to be able to lift or carry self or loved ones to safety, to be able to defend us in case a situation arises.
So ask yourself this one...is what you are doing now working? Are you in shape enough to run, carry, climb, and all other things necessary in order to save your ass and others?
Do you eat and drink in a way that supports this? Eating foods that give you energy instead of taking it away?
Is what you are doing now quackery or is it a plan that YOU enjoy and can stay on without worry?
What is quackery you ask? Quackery is any plan or program that has rigid ways you must follow... it is the one way (they believe) to get to where you want to go....be it stronger and/or leaner. The problem with this scenario....is that it is short lived, people following quackery fall off the band wagon, then look for another 'way' to follow only to fall off the plan again. 
SO what is the way? That is not for me to tell you what is best for you.....i have ways i like, they work for me, they give me health & happiness....they are good for people and planet...AND they are flexible so all can follow them....AND follow them on their own terms.
IF a person does not know what to do to get in life saving shape and health then how can they follow their own way?? Easy....it's general and the ways are universal, followed by all animals around the globe.....and here they are;
Move naturally,  move like you did as a child....loving it!! Movement that makes you happy AND brings you closer to life saving shape,....find how you can do these movements in a way that you continually improve and grow! Maybe it's climbing, or gymnastics, or functional training, lifting odd objects or kettlebells, olympic bars are stones....it's Your 'Way"....does it also support a positive good for people and planet? Cause to me...that is one thing we all desire...to do good! And we can do that AND get in shape at the same time!! It may be a system like MBG, or others....but it's got to be your way so that you stick with it...that's what makes huge change....so maybe for you it includes rock climbing 2 x week...or free running 2 times a week....and maybe includes yoga to keep you ache and pain free???? The thing is....you feel & move better, stronger, faster.....you can go for longer and you're happier because of it!!
Eat and Drink foods that energize you, and bring you health & happiness! Nutrition that sits well with you....not a construct of someone else's imagination but a way that works for you AND one that brings you closer to a level of health that continues to grow and evolve to one that supports your evolving physically more and more challenging life.  Again...this is your 'Way"....again, does it also support a positive good for people and planet? Can you eat/drink in a way that does you, people and planet a common good? YES!!... we can do that AND get in shape at the same time!!
MOVE, EAT, DRINK....find your way....a way that does you good 1st, that works to continually evolve your life to a higher place....2nd, a way that does people and planet a common good as well. My way works for me, it works for others too....i always remind people though, if it is NOT something they / you feel is sustainable for long term then it most likely is not going to work. SO find that 'way' that works in movement and foods that sits well with you, people and planet...have fun with it...it's your life, time to make your mark and do all you can to live your best.
Maybe your way is constantly varied training like the mbg... maybe it's bodyweight, maybe it's kettlebells or olympic bars or all of the above! Maybe you do mix it with climbing, dancing, boxing.
Maybe your foods are alot of plants, but you love fish on fridays...fine, as long as it works for you and your evolving self and working to help people and planet...man that's great!!

Hoping this all helps you and inspires you to make a positive change in yourself, those around you and the planet we live on:)
Peace my friends!


  1. Great stuff, Jon! I totally agree and feel encouraged with what I'm doing. Thanks!

  2. Amen my brother! We've been talking about this for a while now.
    Whatever feeds your soul & you feel you can do forever. I live in a big way MBG3 style with my own little twist and like you I train to move freely and survive and care for my Family in MAD MAX BEYOND THE THUNDERDOME times.
    My baby Kobe is 7 months and 2 days after getting back home from the Hospital I had to carry my wife (a fit 145lbs pound curvaceous Colombian) 18 floors. Could I have done that being a skinny dude? Probably, but it would've taking me longer than her going step by step... Could've I done it if I just have great cardio and no strength? Nop...so, that's what I train for.
    That's what it comes down to...I want to SUP, surf tough conditions, run, move like a cat, be strong enough to lift decent weights (dead weight or alive!) and more importantly, know not only that I can take care if my Wife and kids and more importantly, know I'm doing my best to stay healthy and see my grandkuds!

    1. right on my brother!! i like what you're saying!! we can all for sure get caught up in nonsense in life huh and then it always comes back to live simple.....and strong!!:) haha gotta come down there this year my friend!!:) only have two cnt's this year cause i going simpler so panama could happen!!:) hope you're surfing, training, loving alot!! peace brah! J:)

  3. Interesting, im not very outdoorsey.. its not fun to me

  4. hi Jon, really enjoyed your vid on going increasingly plant based, including off supplements - retweeted.

    Here's a question:
    would you and some of your plant based athletic, fit friends be willing to publish your blood work?

    THis is something John Berardi did when he explored intermittent fasting - and that makes the case really well - that one is healthy inside and out.

    Here's why i'd like to suggest we do this:

    THere's a recent article on tnation that points at vegetarians

    and sadly this article itself misrepresents plant-based eating/thoughts/knowledge.

    Of the various misrepresentations,
    the one biggie is that plant based eaters simply aren't as healthy -

    Although you may know of an individual that appears to prosper on a meatless diet, there are also guys that win Olympic Gold Medals and World's Strongest Man Titles eating McDonalds.

    Some people may perform well without animal products, but they'd perform better if they included them – in large amounts like their predecessors.


    One can take umbrage with such assertions, but nothing speaks louder than data.

    If we start publishing our blood work and measurements, we create an open resource for comparison in more meaningful ways.

    SO if you're interested, and you'd like to work on this, let's look at a way to start presenting a Fit, Plant-based eaters Evidence base.

    What do you think?
    happy to help


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