December Goal: Get Stronger! So far... LOTS of PR's!!

Recently Jess and I moved back to madison from chicago, goal was to simplify our life. Be Happier and Healthier!! Since coming back aside from working on the MBG business we've been getting back to regular training...but also getting more sleep!! Life here is simpler and we love it...that helps a TON! Because of a more simple lifestyle and getting more sleep all time PR's (personal records) are coming almost every week! It's funny what can happen when you eat plant strong, train the MBG way, do our Eischens Yoga a few times a week and REST!!:)
Just FYI  new PR's are marked with a *, and ties with old records a t**.
MBG Training with REST:)
  1. KB Cleans - all time record is 44s x 23, did only 1 when we moved back from chicago, 3 weeks ago did 44s x 18*!!!!...Last week i did 48's x 5*!!
  2. KB Clean Squat Press - had NEVER done 1 front squat with 44s!!....Til last week...did 44s x 1*
  3. KB front squat - 44's x 2!!*
  4. KB alt. back press - never got 48's before...last week did 48s x 5s*!!!
  5. KB dead lift - old PR was 84k's, last week did 92k's*!!! (405lbs)
  6. KB double Snatch - 36k's x 6*!!!!
  7. KB 1a Snatch - 48k x 8's (no rest btwn two) all time record is 10s* close!!:)
  8. KB seated on 18" box Military Press - 36k's x 1*!!
  9. Weighted Pullups - 36k x 2* (at a bodyweight of 215) about 295lb pullup!!*
  10. Bar Muscle Ups -13*!!!
  11. HSPU's x 5...not a all time record but i'm happy i'm doing them for reps again!!!:)
 10 PR's in the last month! Happy with how i'm feeling and how my training is coming along:)

Nutrition has been same as usual but been eating more nut butters and raw nuts lately...weight is up about 5lbs but that's cool:) Also i've been listening to how i feel big time, NOT training when tired or when not feeling up to it....resting takes guts:) SO REST!!
Basically eating;
  • Salad and beans, onions, mushrooms and dulse flakes OR quick oats, warrior food, berries, nuts
  • Spinach, berries, mango or banana, warrior food, almond milk
  • Honeycrisp apple and yumbutter cranberry and coconut peanut butter
  • Kale, mushrooms, onions, dulse, tempeh, almonds...maybe with some sweet potatoes!
  • hummus and cucumber

hope this helps and/or inspires you guys to get some rest and train hard as well:)
hope you're all doing great and hope to hear it too!!:)


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