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What is the most successful training & nutrition program?

Why does Bill Doe look the exact same bodyfat, the same strength? Why do people start, quit and then re-start training programs and diets? The question has haunted people for as long as i've known people to be into "getting in shape". They want "THE WAY", they start it, only to end up going back to their tried and true crappy way of fitness where they are forever weak and out of shape!
I do not have all the answers, been a trainer since age 16, so have 34 years of experience....what i've learned is that simple works, listening to your heart works....listening to wise people that have done what you want to do and finding your way to do it yourself works! So what is that?
Training for strength & conditioning? Or training for balance? Or playing?
Nutrition for looks? Or for performance? Or for health & happiness?
Many many what is it?
Answer this question....if the world was in total dis-array and you wanted to survive ... would you ca…

December Goal: Get Stronger! So far... LOTS of PR's!!

Recently Jess and I moved back to madison from chicago, goal was to simplify our life. Be Happier and Healthier!! Since coming back aside from working on the MBG business we've been getting back to regular training...but also getting more sleep!! Life here is simpler and we love it...that helps a TON! Because of a more simple lifestyle and getting more sleep all time PR's (personal records) are coming almost every week! It's funny what can happen when you eat plant strong, train the MBG way, do our Eischens Yoga a few times a week and REST!!:)
Just FYI  new PR's are marked with a *, and ties with old records a t**.
MBG Training with REST:)
KB Cleans - all time record is 44s x 23, did only 1 when we moved back from chicago, 3 weeks ago did 44s x 18*!!!!...Last week i did 48's x 5*!!KB Clean Squat Press - had NEVER done 1 front squat with 44s!!....Til last week...did 44s x 1*KB front squat - 44's x 2!!*KB alt. back press - never got 48's before...last week did…