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How does the MBG get you amazing results in 60 days? Take these 5 simple steps!

Our Winner of the 60 Day Fitness Challenge Todd Gray now doing it all!! He lost 22lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle over the 60 days! Now look at him! This was an awesome challenge, 4 people with over 30lb positive changes! Averaged a 22.5lb positive change over the 60 days!!!!
WHY did he get such great results? Simple....he walked the MBG walk!! It works...we tested him to find out where he was to start things off in bodyfat, physical tests, posturally, nutritionally. THEN we put him on a plan to train, eat, restore that he can manage not just for 60 days but for good! THIS is the key to make all walk the walk for now and make a plan that is theirs!
It's as simple as this....5 steps to success!
1) Test day - gotta know where you're at before you can chart a course to where you want to go.
2) MAP it - once you know where you are you need to chart your course. This is where we help you layout a plan of action, class schedule from our strength, stamina and…