What an awesome week!! 60 day challengers and more PRs!

Challenge Day was wicked hard but also showed great team work!!!
This week was kicked off last saturday with a GREAT start to our MBG 60 day fitness challenge. We have about 47 folks signed up for it and all gave 110% last saturday! Beginning with our Mo-Sta (tm) challenge, then our MBG S&C test. These two gave them a baseline to start with...then this week we taught them the how to MBG across the board. LOVE the energy and what's been happening this week. Yesterday all members challengers or not worked technique then found out....what can i do on cleans, presses and deadlifts....did we max out load? No! We worked up to low weight, then without touching failure or breakdown in form we had them see how many reps can you do with 24s/16s (men/women) on clean and press? Some got up to 25! So then they went up one level and checked it again, and again and again....MAN the CONFIDENCE GAINED WAS AMAZING!!!!  ALL walked out with a huge smile on their faces of self confidence and also the great feeling of helping others to break thru barriers as well!! The above picture is a perfect example of this...Tim is exhausted and giving his all...Noah his training partner is right there with him, not letting him quit but helping him to finish strong! THAT is awesome!!!
MBG 1 training - good day yesterday....25 reps with 24s on cleans and presses, then 12 with 36s, then 1 with 44s....on the deadlifts got 45 with 44s....okay that was a bit easy:) but it did get very hard at the end:) haha:) After this practiced bar muscle ups with less and less kipping...10 pretty easy with big kips, then kept working less and less til i got one from hang with very little kip which for me is great!
MBG 2 restoration - been doing alot of my eischens yoga, and mobility and stability work right after training for 2 rounds thru of 4-5 movements i really like...feels great!!
MBG 3 plant strong as hell eating! 
  1. Mixed greens, mushrooms, onions, black beans, walnuts, dulse flakes, flax oil
  2. spinach, mango, almond milk, warrior food....sometimes poured over 1/2 cup of oats:)
  3. mung beans, wild rice, kale and garlic
  4. apples
looking forward to starting this new cycle monday, looking forward to the big fight tonight, looking forward to wisconsin beating ASU:) 
hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Jon,

    I hope that all is well. Quick question... Are you in NYC this week? If not, can you please give Rick S. my email address (etwesley@gmail.com)

    My boy Sean "Cubby" Peters is training with Marcelo Garcia for the week leading up to Pan-Am's, and I would love for him to get a taste of what Silverbacks are all about... obviously you have some knowledge of how to win at Pan-Ams too... Just think you guys should meet, lots of potential there...

    Please get back to me if you'll be around, and I will try to set you guys up to train. Cub would be a great addition to la familia Monkey Bar.


    1. hey erik, very cool he's gonna train with marcelo garcia!!! and competing hope he does well!! i'll pass your e-mail onto slick rick too:)
      have a great day erik!


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