I'm Back - training, eating, balancing the MBG Way...Check it out!

How?...Do the Monkey Bar Gym 15/15 workout!! Here i demo how to do it but with a variation for those that are high level!! Go for it my friends! The gold standard is 100 reps with 24s for men and 16s for women (thats sets of 5 all the way thru) once you have done that go heavy as you like...watch and learn!!

Hey my friends, it's been awhile and man ALOT has happened!
Jess and i are back 100% in madison, we're back teaching some classes, re-connecting with members, MBG licensees and MBG folk all over the world....very exciting cool!
Our training has been solid, we've been eating "Plant Strong as Hell" and doing our Eischens yoga and mobility drills regular too.
ALOT of changes, growth, challenges.
In the last month we have become FAR more focused and it is showing in all aspects. 
In the last month jess and i decided to attack instead of just go with the flow
decided to do everything possible to reach and surpass all previous physical feats of which now i believe will happenl....maybe not hitting my head on the rim:) but all others:)
SO here is how it's gone:
My MBG Training - just took stock of where i was....had alot of stress due to moving back to madison, selling my home in chicago and more, the move was stressful...also during this time Lifeline USA was sold and so more changes in my life there as well...SO i decided to get back to my roots, so re-began doing my own MBG workouts M, W, F....re-focus on eating Plant Strong As Hell and listening to my body so i can feel balanced and aligned....things got worked out, my walking the MBG 3 walk starting taking root and the results were awesome and still rising:
  • kb cleans were at only 3 x 44s!! now they're up to 13 with the 44s (all time record is 23 back in 2005-6)
  • kb push press were 2 with 36s, now they're 10 solid reps...then 2 at 40s (all time record is 5 back in 2005-6 i'd guess)
  • handstand push ups were a struggling 2-3, friday got 6 strong ones (all time record is 12 back in 2000)
  • bar muscle ups were a struggling 4, friday with no real MU focus over 2 months....12 easy!! a new PR!!
  • dunking - have not dunked in 3 summers but JUST barely missed two weeks ago and will go for it again today as i'm feeling stronger and stronger! All time record here is one that is off the charts so i'll be very happy simply cup dunking TODAY:) at 50!
  • Weight was about 210 at about 12% now it's 210 at about 9% as well.
By following the MBG cycle workouts, i've simplified my training and recovering better. Working out with the noon class is also helping as well as they are in shape big time here in madison, just like the crew in chicago (jeremy, matt and sam)!
WHY is this so? I'm thinking the stress and my do extra reps / work on my own basically fried me.....stepping back to simplier M,W,F MBG workouts made me focus more on less and my numbers have gone up each and every workout.....i'm very confident right now that i will break my all time records very soon. 
The MBG cycle workouts are working great! Next post will include my nutrition. Hope this inspires you and pushes you to follow the mbg workouts and to work hard to increase your numbers each workout and help others as well.
Peace my friends,


  1. Hi Jon
    Nice work! Inspirational to us lot on the other side of 40 (as well as for everyone else).

    Great to see the blog back - I'm not a FB fan myself so often miss your updates.

    Any brief tips you have on getting your body fat down to sub 10% on a plant based diet? Reducing calories, portion sizes, omitting certain foods? Or is it just eating when hungry (which is perhaps hard to judge sometimes)?

    All the best

    Colin (Adelaide, Australia)

  2. get hungry 3 x day, eat only til satisfied...that is huge! no late night snacks either helps a great deal as well.....big thing i think of is feeling like i'm getting trimmer, tighter each day...you know when you ate poorly...you feel thick right, well do the opposite, when you eat just enough, clean and green, plant strong meals....THEN you feel light and lean...that is the key my friend....then adding in some good sweats and strength the mbg way and you're on your way!!:) hope this helps mate and hope to see you soon!!

  3. Okay - great advice, I'll run with that.

    And, yes, would love another trip to Madison for the CNT course - can't believe it's already been 3 years.


  4. make a plan too colin and see how it works for you ...
    i wanna see how you do too!
    cheers mate


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