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What an awesome week!! 60 day challengers and more PRs!

This week was kicked off last saturday with a GREAT start to our MBG 60 day fitness challenge. We have about 47 folks signed up for it and all gave 110% last saturday! Beginning with our Mo-Sta (tm) challenge, then our MBG S&C test. These two gave them a baseline to start with...then this week we taught them the how to MBG across the board. LOVE the energy and what's been happening this week. Yesterday all members challengers or not worked technique then found out....what can i do on cleans, presses and deadlifts....did we max out load? No! We worked up to low weight, then without touching failure or breakdown in form we had them see how many reps can you do with 24s/16s (men/women) on clean and press? Some got up to 25! So then they went up one level and checked it again, and again and again....MAN the CONFIDENCE GAINED WAS AMAZING!!!!  ALL walked out with a huge smile on their faces of self confidence and also the great feeling of helping others to break thru barriers as we…

I'm Back - training, eating, balancing the MBG Way...Check it out!

Get Leaner, Stronger & increase Power & Stamina! How?...Do the Monkey Bar Gym 15/15 workout!! Here i demo how to do it but with a variation for those that are high level!! Go for it my friends! The gold standard is 100 reps with 24s for men and 16s for women (thats sets of 5 all the way thru) once you have done that go heavy as you and learn!!
Hey my friends, it's been awhile and man ALOT has happened! Jess and i are back 100% in madison, we're back teaching some classes, re-connecting with members, MBG licensees and MBG folk all over the world....very exciting cool! Our training has been solid, we've been eating "Plant Strong as Hell" and doing our Eischens yoga and mobility drills regular too. ALOT of changes, growth, challenges. In the last month we have become FAR more focused and it is showing in all aspects.  In the last month jess and i decided to attack instead of just go with the flow decided to do everything possible to reach and surpas…