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July 4th Fireworks Workout....from 3 years ago!! How did i do:)

Just the other day i was looking at some old blog posts, noticed one of my favorites...the 60/60 x 20's ten 60 second sets, with 60 seconds rest btwn each set. It's simple, get as many reps as possible in those 60 seconds, stop, go as you like just get amap reps each 60 second set. Well it was brutal my brothers:) haha! What did i notice? Well 3 years ago i was under less stress for sure:) and i'm guessing that over the last 3 years it took a bit (not much), but a bit of a bite into my overall strength and power.....Big thing is i'm coming back and closing in on the numbers i hit before:
MBG 1 (training)
                                     7.12.10                   7.26.10                         7.04.13
1. Mil Press                10 x 32k's              *11 x 32k's                    8 x 32k's (just a bit behind:)
2. Cleans                    16 x 44k's              *18 x 44k's                    8 x 44k's (wow, surprise on this)