Been a few weeks since last teaching and my energy is rising each week which is good:) Since coming back to madison about 3 weeks ago i've been getting more and more active. Listening to my body pretty good too:) days are pretty much like this:
M, T, R, Sa workouts (bodyweight to silverback and jump training 2x week) all of which have been improving over the last 3 weeks.
  • Monday - high rep bodyweight day...about 250-300 reps push/pull each. 
  • Tuesday jump training drills plus whatever else i feel like doing after...deadlifts, step back lunges for 5x5. 
  • Thursday is a low rep bodyweight day about half the reps or less of mondays, then 
  • Saturday is a simple meta workout like the "Wicked 50" i did this last saturday....25 dead clean squat presses with 32k's and 25 bar muscle ups as fast as possible...14:30 not bad, took it sort of easy as i was a bit tired before and during this one but just wanted to get it done and after felt good i did it!
T, R, Sa biking, BJJ, biking
2 days a week been playing ball again too which is great! Really enjoying everything and the total freedom i've been feeling towards doing any movement 'full out' that i want to do. This is great fun!!:) Playing Bball is my 1st love:) so jumping, sprinting, cutting all out without worry is awesome!
Training BJJ again and loving it and looking forward to it again....man this has been a long time coming! Due to work and stress i hadnt felt like training in about 6 years but for some reason i'm digging training bjj again, it's honestly FUN!!!:)
My Plant Strong nutrition has been really fun too...loving every meal of the day!!
  1. spinach, sweet potatoes, walnuts, beans for breakfast
  2. organic food bar between trainings
  3. quick oats, blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, warrior food or life's basics, almond milk in bowl for after workout
  4. living barley grass during workouts
  5. huge mixed greens salad, pumpkin seeds, veggies...then maybe like the above, huge bowl of kale and mung beans....I LOVE THIS MEAL!! 
  6. berries for a snack if i want one later
That is how it's been going over the last few weeks, feeling good!
:) Jon


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