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Been a few weeks since last teaching and my energy is rising each week which is good:) Since coming back to madison about 3 weeks ago i've been getting more and more active. Listening to my body pretty good too:) days are pretty much like this:
M, T, R, Sa workouts (bodyweight to silverback and jump training 2x week) all of which have been improving over the last 3 weeks.
Monday - high rep bodyweight day...about 250-300 reps push/pull each. Tuesday jump training drills plus whatever else i feel like doing after...deadlifts, step back lunges for 5x5. Thursday is a low rep bodyweight day about half the reps or less of mondays, then Saturday is a simple meta workout like the "Wicked 50" i did this last saturday....25 dead clean squat presses with 32k's and 25 bar muscle ups as fast as possible...14:30 not bad, took it sort of easy as i was a bit tired before and during this one but just wanted to get it done and after felt good i did it!T, R, Sa biking, BJJ, biking
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