This weeks focus: Getting back at it after travel and goals!

 Cheating, Eating Green, Getting Lean...SO how do you do it?

It's been awhile:) been traveling quite a bit teaching courses, working on various what do i do to get back on track with my training? Do my best to recover first, sleep is #1 priority, nutrition .... #1 also to get those two on par in order to start feeling good again. THEN start back at it with good instensity but really paying alot of attention to how i'm feeling. This is key, as the body is getting back into training after lots of training courses and travel it's a little run down. SO coming back at it when not 100%, you really need to pay attention to how you're feeling. LISTEN, keep it simple, generally i feel doing simple and strong strength workouts is best, doing more speed based or power types of movements tends to exhaust one more, then doing metabolic workouts that might just do you in. SO pay attention to how you're feeling, IF you feel okay train, but listen and keep paying attention....that is how you do it....takes maybe a week of simple and strong workouts but you'll be back 100% in a few days to a week and happier for it:)
SO IN KEEPING IT SIMPLE & STRONG i listen to how i'm feeling, try to put great foods and drinks into me, train by gut which means just listening to what i feel like doing and NOT forcing anything....which might be doing todays workout, maybe it's pretty intense? SO instead i simplify it all, do pure strength stuff, rest a bit more between sets, only going when i feel up to it. There is no time goals, no mandatory reps or sets. I'm truly just going by feel, feel good maybe go heavier or harder on an exercise, feel like i'm good maybe i move on, feel done...:) i stop:) haha
So my friends, i'm back on my blog, i'll be writing out what i'm doing and yes still planning on hitting my goals of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium Silverback Requirements and Dunking!!!:)
Stay tuned! AND if you like my blog please feel free to share it, comment on it or just dig it:)
peace my friends!


  1. More good words from my man Jon, I am feeling pretty blah and been forcing myself to work out and I wasn't too happy about my performance, but after reading today's post, doing something simpler and really listening to my body may help a great deal. Though I haven't been to MBG Chicago, I keep up and hope to come back soon.
    -Miss you guys,

    1. good to hear Eugene:) be good to see you my friend! get back in there now:)!!!:)

  2. Thank you - your blog is an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude! I also have the goal to Dunk a basketball by September the first (I'm using your power jumper and 2-1-none program as well as a simple calisthenics routine).
    Your post reminded me to focus on the basis day-to-day and not get lost in specifics especially for performance goals (like jumping higher).

    1. glad to hear my blog helps:) to pay attention to what's right in front of us:) bigger picture though to dunk?? now that's a great goal:) lets both video tape that okay!!!:)
      peace my brother!

  3. Absolutely I will send you a video before September is out (still 3-4 months to go).
    Good luck in the meantime!



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