Jon Hinds: Adding Muscle thru Assisted Pullups & Handstand Presses!

Jon Hinds: Adding Muscle on pullups & HS presses
Breaking down 2 simple & strong exercises that thru modification (the use of assistance from the pull up revolution AND a plyo box for box down dog push ups) can add greatly to your training regime!! How? It allowed me to train in a higher rep range on my favorite exercises, to get an incredible pump, range as well as strength work!
Why am i using assistance? Because sometimes i'm just simply tired:) (can you relate?:) Sometimes life just gets in the way, for Jessie and I this comes in the form of owning the MBG business and traveling and teaching the MBG CNT courses. Both though enjoyable can be very taxing on us physically. Stressful work can do this, as well as relationships, cities, smog, etc, etc. it happens..... 
So what do i do?
I eat GREEN as heck!! Drink my Living Barley Greens and do some Eischens Yoga daily.
For my training i ramp it down...reduce my power or speed training to strength based or simpler power training. Which for me on Monday meant using assistance and upping my reps a bit...making it a pure muscle hypertrophy workout:) 
The Result? 
Pullups for 3 x 15 using the Pull Up Revolution (2 yellow bands)
Down Dog push ups off 24" box with hands on push up bars very strict for 3 x 10
rested 5 then;
Chin ups 3 x 13 w/PUR 2 yellows again
Push ups with feet on 24" box w/push up bars very strict for 3 x 13 
rested 5 then:
1 arm 24k pullup (very cool exercise, video to come...think 2 24" boxes in down dog:) 3x12s
36" box tricep layouts elbows to box....nice:) 3 x 15
OVERALL GRADE: 3.5* (felt tired big time at start and walked out feeling great!!)
Feeling pretty good today after my leg, core, mo-sta workout:) i'll share that tomorrow:)
peace and walk it!!


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