Jon Hinds 05.28,29,30 2013 training, Plant Strong and Eischens Yoga!

Great new exercise: 1 Arm Kettlebell Down Dog Pullups

Coming back, starting to feel a bit more recovered each day. Here's my last 3 days results:
Tuesday - Power: 
Dead Power Cleans: work up sets to sets of 4 with 36k's
2/1/none 24" box jumps (amap in 20 seconds) 13/16/17 (really dug this exercise alot!)
R7/R5/none ! leg approach jump practice (felt good...jumping about 80%)
Step back lunges: 3 x 8s x 32k's
jump rope doubles to power wheel crawls: 30,30 / 40,40 / 50,50 like this one...good for SB req.s!
Mobility/stability work: 3 rounds of MBG mo-sta challenge work...last round got 282** new PR!:)

Wed - Speed: after walking and talking for almost 3 miles:) i did my favorite sprint a block, walk a block all the way back home.....felt really great!!!

Thur - Strength: (todays warm up was great! biked 4 miles, trained bjj 1 hour, then biked to mbg 4 miles:)
did Top of the minute Ladders up, then down:)
  1. HSPU's x 1,2,3,4,5
  2. MU's x 1,2,3,4,5.........easy, felt good!
  1. 12k pullups x 5,4,3,2,1
  2. HSPrU x 5,5,5,5,5........felt good
  1. Pike 1A Pulls: 5s, 5s, 7s
  2. 36k's back pr: 5s, 5s, 5s.......again felt good!!
Plant Strong: 
  • Oatmeal, warrior food, berries, raw nuts, coffee, almond milk
  • living barley grass
  • spinach, berries, banana, warrior greens, life's basics...real hungry pour it over oats...MMMM!
  • living barley grass
  • organic food bar - protein
  • huge mixed greens salad, beans, carrots, mushrooms, onions, raw nuts
  • strawberries

Feeling good, strong and HAPPY to getting back to regular training! dug training bjj today too! that was alot of fun:)


  1. Jon,

    Awesome move. I remember doing the BJJ warm-up workout during CNT in Madison, and I have used your "1-arm XT row/press a KB with the other arm" move to develop a nuclear trap & roll escape, which has got me thinking: Could you please give us some feedback about what you think the best moves for BJJ are. I shrimp in sets of 100, obviously fwd/back/side rolls... just wondering what you would call, say a "Top 10" moves to train sport-specific BJJ athleticism? Thanks. P.S. Randy Couture says hi, awesome seminar this weekend in Helena, MT.. with Power Wheels!

  2. The 1 Arm Kettlebell Down Dog Pullup exercise seems like a modified KB Renegade row without pushups :) Thanks for sharing these exercise.

  3. ERIK - very cool:) top 10 bjj to train for bjj athleticism...mmm i'll think on that and maybe make a YT video on that??:) like that idea:) hope so sounds like a fun one! say hi to randy and hope you and he are all doing great!! POWER WHEELS ROCK!!:) haha
    MIKE - the 1A piked pulls are WAY harder than RRows, not even gotta try them:) you'll agree for sure my friend!
    peace my friends and talk soon!


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