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Jon Hinds 05.28,29,30 2013 training, Plant Strong and Eischens Yoga!

Great new exercise: 1 Arm Kettlebell Down Dog Pullups
Coming back, starting to feel a bit more recovered each day. Here's my last 3 days results:
Tuesday - Power: 
Dead Power Cleans: work up sets to sets of 4 with 36k's
2/1/none 24" box jumps (amap in 20 seconds) 13/16/17 (really dug this exercise alot!)
R7/R5/none ! leg approach jump practice (felt good...jumping about 80%)
Step back lunges: 3 x 8s x 32k's
jump rope doubles to power wheel crawls: 30,30 / 40,40 / 50,50 like this one...good for SB req.s!
Mobility/stability work: 3 rounds of MBG mo-sta challenge work...last round got 282** new PR!:)

Wed - Speed: after walking and talking for almost 3 miles:) i did my favorite sprint a block, walk a block all the way back home.....felt really great!!!

Thur - Strength: (todays warm up was great! biked 4 miles, trained bjj 1 hour, then biked to mbg 4 miles:)
did Top of the minute Ladders up, then down:)
HSPU's x 1,2,3,4,5MU's x 1,2,3,4,5.........easy, felt good!1…

Jon Hinds: Adding Muscle thru Assisted Pullups & Handstand Presses!

Jon Hinds: Adding Muscle on pullups & HS presses Breaking down 2 simple & strong exercises that thru modification (the use of assistance from the pull up revolution AND a plyo box for box down dog push ups) can add greatly to your training regime!! How? It allowed me to train in a higher rep range on my favorite exercises, to get an incredible pump, range as well as strength work! Why am i using assistance? Because sometimes i'm just simply tired:) (can you relate?:) Sometimes life just gets in the way, for Jessie and I this comes in the form of owning the MBG business and traveling and teaching the MBG CNT courses. Both though enjoyable can be very taxing on us physically. Stressful work can do this, as well as relationships, cities, smog, etc, etc. it happens..... So what do i do? I eat GREEN as heck!! Drink my Living Barley Greens and do some Eischens Yoga daily. For my training i ramp it down...reduce my power or speed training to strength based or simpler power trainin…

This weeks focus: Getting back at it after travel and goals!

 Cheating, Eating Green, Getting Lean...SO how do you do it?
It's been awhile:) been traveling quite a bit teaching courses, working on various what do i do to get back on track with my training? Do my best to recover first, sleep is #1 priority, nutrition .... #1 also to get those two on par in order to start feeling good again. THEN start back at it with good instensity but really paying alot of attention to how i'm feeling. This is key, as the body is getting back into training after lots of training courses and travel it's a little run down. SO coming back at it when not 100%, you really need to pay attention to how you're feeling. LISTEN, keep it simple, generally i feel doing simple and strong strength workouts is best, doing more speed based or power types of movements tends to exhaust one more, then doing metabolic workouts that might just do you in. SO pay attention to how you're feeling, IF you feel okay train, but listen and…