Strong, Lean and Green week of training + MBG workout video!

Here's a video for our MBG licensees on showing how to do our 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear workout:) man i love this workout...super simple and strong!! Gotta love that!!:)

MONDAYT: 5x5 of each of the following:
MU's and 1a MP's
pullups and hs press ups
pwc 3x12 and rollouts 3x10 no pausing
felt pretty good

WEDNESDAY: work ups to ahap
DCSP up to 36s for 3 sets of 4t (ties PR but did it for 3 sets which is great!)
did box jumps: 5x10 (36", 36", 38", 40", 42")
SBL (racked): 2x44sx2s (ties PR)
HLR's and BD spins: 3x6

THURSDAY: 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear workout...loved this and felt really great after!!

box jumps: sets of 5x30", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44"(did 5 with 3lb d-balls in each hand on half)
10 minute x 15/15 of;
36k's swings x 6 and HLRs (feet to bar) x 6
total was 60 of each...did this workout 5 years ago and saw it and had to try it again...liked it alot!
improved too:) so feeling good!

SATURDAY: "The Silverback Primer" (just made this up to prep for SBR's and love it!!)
4 x thru AFAP:
  1. 10 x 20k's squat press
  2. 5 muscle ups
  3. 40 yards power wheel crawl
  4. 40 jump rope doubles (alternate forward and backwards each x thru)
total time: 18:38 (loved this workout and for a first run it was excellent!!) Might throw this one in the next cycle too!!

  1. Great breakfast here: steamed spinach, baked sweet potatoes, the hook!!
  2. During workout drinking either water and elite greens or living barley greens + stevia for both.
  3. After workout either having kale, mango, warrior food smoothie OR quick oats, cranberries or strawberries, seeds, warrior food
  4. snack might be my warrior protein and PB2 pudding....put the two in a bowl, add water, mix, eat!!:)
  5. kale, cranberries, pine nuts, cous cous, black beans, sesame sticks, mushrooms, onions

Doing the basic beginner sequence each day and/or a single pose like back dome, prone mountain.
Also been doing some foam roller a bit too, some indian clubs and of course the chest expander and jgxt ring drills!!!:)

hey my friends, i post this so it can help others in some way, if you like it share it. If you too are walking the walk keep it up my friends as we are making a difference!:)


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