Wicked Strength & Power workout and lunch!!

AHHHHH Rumble young man Rumble!!!!
LOVE SIMPLE AND STRONG....that is today!
Todays Training: Prison 10-1: IF i broke up a set it reads like: 5,3 e.g. for my set of 8. This occurred if i felt i was losing form...i wanted clean strict reps only
Bar Muscle ups x 5,3,2/4,3,2/4,4/4,3/4,2/5/4/3/2/1 = 55 total reps, 17 total sets
44k's back press x 7,3/6,3/5,3/4,3/4,2/5/4/3/2/1 = 55 total reps, 15 total sets
then did some back dome crawl and some HLR's
AWESOME workout!!

Todays Plant Strong Drinks / Meals - 
BREAKFAST - oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, warrior foods, blueberries, banana
DURING WORKOUT - living barley greens
AFTER TRAINING - smoothie: strawberries, mangos, spinach, warrior elite greens & foundation, seeds, cranberries
AFTERNOON SNACK - sweet potatoes and some PB2....man this tastes crazy good!!!:)

Todays Eischens Yoga Poses - 
2 breath EY sequence, then do sets of prone mountain, sphinx, supine bridge, back dome...maybe some front warrior too!

Simple, Strong:)


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