Fun day a Eating....not so fun next day:) My training AND Great Handstand Video!

How do you assist Free Handstand push ups by yourself? Watch and try!!

You know when you say i'm gonna have a fun day of eating...or a cheat day? Well jess and i thought lets do this on was fun, did not feel like cheating cause we felt good about it (important!) and nothing was really that bad....some multigrain pancakes, then we split a danish roll, a cookie and then a cupcake...or two:). Now although it was all still vegan, that really does not make a difference as all of the above was alot of processed foods, sat oils and tons of sugar!...the result come monday mornings workout....crap!:) Whew it was rough, neither of us slept well and the effect continued most of the day with lethargic training and generally a dull mood all day...lesson: If you're gonna have a cheat/fun meal or day do it with an off day of training afterwards. For example i usually train m-f... so saturday fun meal or day would of been a wiser choice so it does not interfere with your upcoming week of training. With that said here's my results for this week:
Silverback Training:
  1. practiced handstand push ups (press ups) to 2 full rom off paralettes, then progressed to free hs pr ups + R3 cable and got up to 6 reps.
  2. muscle ups technique - did alot of jump muscle feet out infront of bar 26" at best x 1
    1. took literally 10 sets of each to feel warmed up:) haha sets of 8 of 70 asst hspu's to chin and mu x 5....pretty much felt done after:) haha
Tuesday - started my jump training!! 
  1. 2/1/0 box jumps at 24"/30"/36" and it worked well....still got a good deal of work to do but i'm jumping:) and that is a good thing!
  2. 2/1/0 broad jumps to 13y/15y/17y on 6 jumps each level using 80lb cables
  3. Dead cleans: worked up to DPowerCl up to 5@36s, then did DCSq's up to 5@36s
  4. Step back lunges: worked up to 2x2's@44s which felt good and strong
  5. kb levers x 10@0/12s/16s/20s/24s felt good
  6. kb back dome holds x slow 10 count @0/12s/16s/20s/24s felt good
Really good solid workout!


  1. Hey Jon, cool posts and videos recently. I miss being able to get down to MBG Chicago but hoping to again this summer. In the meantime, I've been thinking about giving the Silverback requirements a try, or at least focus my training around them. The muscle ups and back dome crawling are the toughest for me. I don't currently have a good bar to work on muscle ups with cables or box underneath but am instead working with what I have in developing speed and power on pull-ups trying to go tree branch or swingset bar to chest. My main question is how do you even start back dome crawling? I can hold the back dome but not even sure if you try to walk hands first, or feet first, or do weighted back domes before even attempting crawling. Any help on that would be much appreciated! Thanks, Paul

  2. hey paul:) good to hear! back dome walks start towards your hands....literally you gotta be able to lift your hands and feet a bit so start slow, little steps:) tell me how it goes okay:) training speed on pullups is great too!!
    good luck!

  3. Hey attended your Madison CNT in August really enjoyed it. A few questions about the Silverback requirements. First is the dead clean squat and press what Crossfit would call a thruster. Also since I am in NC there is no Monkeybar gym near me so would a video from my home gym do or do I have to go to an actual gym.

    1. hey anonymous:) stephen:) glad you liked the cnt:) the DCSP is repeated each time from the floor, i do not really follow cf but know their thruster is called a squat press and has been called that forever:) haha:) for you a home video from home is ready for it?? would love to see you do it!! thanks stephen!! and good luck!

    2. Thanks for the reply. It will be a nice challenge. Looking forward to it. Have an awesome day


  4. Replies
    1. good talking brah!!! hope to see you and train and hang out with ya soon my brother!! peace!! jon


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