So what and how do you train to be a Silverback?
I'm back! The following is my training, balance work and plant based nutrition...ALL towards  
the Monkey Bar Gymnasium Silverback Requirements! 

I'm BACK!!:) Over the last few weeks i've been very busy and have pretty much just been doing the quick facebook posts...which seems like people like:) So i'll continue that....BUT I'm going to get back to simply posting how my life is going, my travels, my training, how my eischens yoga practice is going and how my plant based nutrition is going too:)
So here we go:)
My Silverback Eischens Yoga & balance training - Been doing alot of work to improve my backdome, flagpoles and more....and it's paid off well. Coming from a place where holding back dome was impossible years ago to now back dome walking 22 yards last week is a HUGE improvement! Since i've improved on that i thought i'm gonna try the capoeira movement that looks like you squat, go to 1 arm back dome, to both hands bd, then to the other back dome...not sure of the name so just for reference i say back dome spins...either way another one i wasnt close to 2 months that too now! SO now went for the above video and actually got it the other day!! I'm not saying it's pretty, but i did it and that is amazing considering where i came from:) So i'm very happy there.
My Silverback training - also has been going really well....i'll be posting full workouts again soon but am getting tired of writing now so am just going to show some personal records (PR's) i've hit lately...right now though i'm training to crush the silverback requirements and cup dunk on my 50th birthday coming up on june 4th!!:)
  • handstand to chin and pressing back up to handstand: with light assistance from cable and no wall i did 4 reps!! PR! very happy with this!
  • back dome walk - 22 yards PR! getting easy now:)
  • alternate back press - 44s x 8s each side PR! yesterday, felt good!
  • dead clean squat press - 32s x 6, 36s x 2, 40s x 1 each PRs! ready for this too
  • dead clean squat - 40s x 2 (for sets) PR! 1st time ever got it! Means i'm ready for jump training!
  • power wheel crawl - 140 yards PR! The 60 yard set after training daily made this easy!
  • getting bar muscles ups:)
  • been strengthening my legs alot and began jump training again this week and feel good!
  • jump rope doubles - easily got 100 with weighted speed rope
Feeling good!!
My Silverback nutrition - crushing it! Eating 2-3lbs of strong veggies a day and feeling really good!! Here's a typical day:
  • alot of water!!:) then a cup of organic coffee, almond milk, stevia
  • bulgar, lots of berries, warrior food, almond milk
  • 64 oz water, living greens, cup organic apple juice, stevia (great during a workout!!!)
  • spinach, blueberries, warrior food elite greens, life's basics, water
  • sweet potatoes and some PB2 (awesome snack and/or after dinner snack!)
  • 64 oz water, living greens, cup organic apple juice, stevia (great during a workout!!!)
  • huge salad: kale, brussel sprouts, carrots, onions, mushrooms, beans, sesame sticks
My hope is to help or inspires as many people as doing so that those inspired help others. We all need to make positive change, to become more conscious of what we do while we are do all that we can to make a positive impact. My intent of writing my blog is to show people what is possible on a plant based nutrition plan, strong training and smart balance work thru eischens yoga. In showing a way for you and others my hope is that it inspires you as well....if we all make simple positive changes that help make people and planet healthier and happier that is a good thing:)
my mantra: "Simple & Strong, Healthy & Happy, Laugh & Love, People & Planet"
peace my friends,
Jon :)


  1. an inspiration as always Jon! Not only "Walking the walk" but being a leader as well. Leading from the front!

  2. Nice Work Jon!

    Your dedication and consistency are what push me to continue to better myself and push the boundaries of what is possible.

    Thank you.

    Chris Atkins

  3. Awesome!!!!! Welcome back bro!!!

  4. KEVIN - thanks my friend:) WE are doing it right my brother:)
    CHRIS - cool! i want to see chris atkins...SILVERBACK!!!
    RYAN - thanks my friend! i needed a kick to get started up again:) haha

  5. Thank goodness you're back - missed this blog! (Not really into FB that much, so don't see the posts).



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