A Week in the SB Life!! To be leaner, stronger, healthier, happier for PNP!!l

MY MBG 3 Training, Re-balancing, Nutrition - this week i went to the shell...old place i use to ball at and actually used a barbell for my training and it was fun as it's been a long time:)
Silverback 1,2 workout - 5 rounds from SB exercise #1 x 5 to #2 x 5, then rest, repeat
  1. DCSP x 32s x 5 (this is getting easier now and actually did 3 reps in a row at 36s)
  2. Bar muscle ups: x 5s (working my technique alot now and they are looking better each week!)
    1. my goal for this is to move as quickly thru the exercise as possible, then with as little rest go right to the 2nd exercise...in this case the bar muscle ups. My previous PR was 51 seconds last week. This week i did then both in 43 seconds!! This is great as i'm adapting and finishing really fast!
then moved on to 4x8 for:
  1. push ups + 80lbs on my back with strict form
  2. pull ups (4 x 10) with strict form
then moved on to 3x5s for:
  1. back dome spins: love this exercise, a few years back i could not even do back dome:)
  2. feet to bar HLR's: great opposites to train together:)
Silverback 3,4 workout - 5 rounds from SB exercises #3 x 10 to #4 for 10 yards, then rest, repeat
Since i'm wanting to really warm up my legs before jumping i first the following two for 4 sets:
  1. dead snatches -  4 x 6 x 24k's and then i'm feeling good to go and begin my box jumps.
  2. bar military press: 155 x 5 (hadnt done this in maybe 25 years or more! so this was fun:)
After this i was ready for SB 3,4 workout for 5 rounds working my time down to as little as possible.
  1. 36" box jumps x 10 reps (these are plyo jumps, right now can do 5 control jumps at 42", so train @ 36" and afterwards see how well i can do at 42")
  2. Back dome crawl x 10 yards
    1. my goal again here is to finish each as quickly as possible then with as little rest move on to and do the 2nd exercise as quickly as possible...then rest and repeat. Right now on these the box jumps to back domes is around 50 to 55 seconds which is good!
The last two exercises the Jump Rope doubles to power wheel crawl i do rounds of on thursdays and on other days do 1 set of 60 doubles to 60 yards as quickly as possible (this week, next week move it up!). This is feeling good, i'm putting them all together and feel very confident!
My Goal by 060413 (50th b-day) is to cup dunk a bball AND complete the SB requirements! In 5:50! 1&2 in 40, 3&4 to 2:00, 5&6 by 5:50!!!!
  1. bulgar, berries, warrior food, coffee, almond milk, warrior foundation
  2. during workout - water with living greens 
  3. after workout - warrior elite greens, mangos, spinach, banana, water
  4. organic apple sauce, lifes basics greens, some warrior blue green algae
  5. huge mixed greens salad, onions, mushrooms, beans or cous cous, carrots, sesame croutons
  6. apple or some popcorn with flax oil, sea salt (if i feel like it:)
BALANCE: daily do Eischens Yoga beginner sequence, 1 breath a pose to 10 breaths a pose, but i do it:) Without question this does me right, i feel amazing when i do it...much more balanced and at peace!

QUESTION - When talking with MBG Chicago Silverbacks to be Jeremy Liban and Matt Zaborowski the other day Jeremy made a good point....the SB requirements are very very hardcore:)
So what about others? He came up with a great idea, allow folks to break their sets up on the DCSP if they need to...even on the muscle ups, box jumps too...they got to do the remaining without completely stopping, but without dropping, so they can pause but not drop on the back dome and power wheel crawls and they just need to get the 100 jump rope doubles done as well and can miss. They can do it all under 10 minutes and they can earn their MBG Silverback shirt! BUT for those that do it all in Un-breakable (meaning no broken sets!) THAT is the highest level and will earn them a MBG SB "Unbreakable" t-shirt!!  
So what do you all think....allow folks to just do the work in 10 minutes as one level and un-breakable as the highest level or just purely people can only get the SB shirt IF they do it in straight un-broken sets? I thought it was a great idea as it opens the doors to many more folks and still gives the highest level folks a hard core "un-breakable" level!!! SO tell me what you think!!:)
Appreciate your feedback my friends!


  1. Hi John

    That looks nice, tell me please, how to step in the MBG regimes/training if living apart, like me, Far East/Thailand without the chance getting to a licensed gym? Are there some manuals or books or videos lessons available to build a program with progression on myself? I like your technical video tutorials on facebook but how to put it all together when situated like above?

    Kindest regards


  2. hey oliver, good question! first off glad you like the mbg:) training at home or anywhere we first suggest folks to follow the free daily online workouts. if you dont have kb's for example go to the travel alternatives for other exercises to replace them. keep track of your workouts on a notebook and work to increase with each workout that you repeat thru the cycle. 2nd is you can get and follow our eischens yoga beginner sequence daily....THAT is a huge part of the mbg and will re-align you, make you feel and perform better than ever...3rd eat plant strong, that's 90% or more plants and my blog helps there, plus books that i recommend in previous blogs as well on plant based nutrtition....do those 3 points and you are well on your way to changing your life for the better!!:) hope this helps my friend and stay connected okay:)

  3. Hey Jon,

    I really like this idea. I think it will inspire more people to train for the Silverback, and that's a great thing as far as I'm concerned.



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