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Fun day a Eating....not so fun next day:) My training AND Great Handstand Video!

How do you assist Free Handstand push ups by yourself? Watch and try!!
You know when you say i'm gonna have a fun day of eating...or a cheat day? Well jess and i thought lets do this on was fun, did not feel like cheating cause we felt good about it (important!) and nothing was really that bad....some multigrain pancakes, then we split a danish roll, a cookie and then a cupcake...or two:). Now although it was all still vegan, that really does not make a difference as all of the above was alot of processed foods, sat oils and tons of sugar!...the result come monday mornings workout....crap!:) Whew it was rough, neither of us slept well and the effect continued most of the day with lethargic training and generally a dull mood all day...lesson: If you're gonna have a cheat/fun meal or day do it with an off day of training afterwards. For example i usually train m-f... so saturday fun meal or day would of been a wiser choice so it does not interfere with your upcoming …

A Week in the SB Life!! To be leaner, stronger, healthier, happier for PNP!!l

MY MBG 3 Training, Re-balancing, Nutrition - this week i went to the shell...old place i use to ball at and actually used a barbell for my training and it was fun as it's been a long time:)
Silverback 1,2 workout - 5 rounds from SB exercise #1 x 5 to #2 x 5, then rest, repeat
DCSP x 32s x 5 (this is getting easier now and actually did 3 reps in a row at 36s)Bar muscle ups: x 5s (working my technique alot now and they are looking better each week!)my goal for this is to move as quickly thru the exercise as possible, then with as little rest go right to the 2nd this case the bar muscle ups. My previous PR was 51 seconds last week. This week i did then both in 43 seconds!! This is great as i'm adapting and finishing really fast!then moved on to 4x8 for:
push ups + 80lbs on my back with strict formpull ups (4 x 10) with strict formthen moved on to 3x5s for:
back dome spins: love this exercise, a few years back i could not even do back dome:)feet to bar HLR'…

Wicked Strength & Power workout and lunch!!

LOVE SIMPLE AND STRONG....that is today! Todays Training: Prison 10-1: IF i broke up a set it reads like: 5,3 e.g. for my set of 8. This occurred if i felt i was losing form...i wanted clean strict reps only
Bar Muscle ups x 5,3,2/4,3,2/4,4/4,3/4,2/5/4/3/2/1 = 55 total reps, 17 total sets
44k's back press x 7,3/6,3/5,3/4,3/4,2/5/4/3/2/1 = 55 total reps, 15 total sets
then did some back dome crawl and some HLR's
AWESOME workout!!

Todays Plant Strong Drinks / Meals - 
BREAKFAST - oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, warrior foods, blueberries, banana
DURING WORKOUT - living barley greens
AFTER TRAINING - smoothie: strawberries, mangos, spinach, warrior elite greens & foundation, seeds, cranberries
AFTERNOON SNACK - sweet potatoes and some this tastes crazy good!!!:)

Todays Eischens Yoga Poses - 
2 breath EY sequence, then do sets of prone mountain, sphinx, supine bridge, back dome...maybe some front warrior too!

Simple, Strong:)


So what and how do you train to be a Silverback? I'm back! The following is my training, balance work and plant based nutrition...ALL towards the Monkey Bar Gymnasium Silverback Requirements! 

I'm BACK!!:) Over the last few weeks i've been very busy and have pretty much just been doing the quick facebook posts...which seems like people like:) So i'll continue that....BUT I'm going to get back to simply posting how my life is going, my travels, my training, how my eischens yoga practice is going and how my plant based nutrition is going too:)
So here we go:)
My Silverback Eischens Yoga & balance training - Been doing alot of work to improve my backdome, flagpoles and more....and it's paid off well. Coming from a place where holding back dome was impossible years ago to now back dome walking 22 yards last week is a HUGE improvement! Since i've improved on that i thought i'm gonna try the capoeira movement that looks like you squat, go to 1 arm back dome…