The Single hardest Core set i've ever done!!! PLUS new SIlverback Shirt!!

This is a statement that you can rarely say (especially considering my background of training and being a strength coach for over 30 years)....needless to this one single Power Wheel set set a new bar!!!! I felt my core working and burning like never before!!! The combination of the various types of Power Wheel exercises without pause crushed us (jeremy, sam, matt and i)!!!!
SO What is it? 
Put the Power Wheel on your feet...get into incline plane...then do 10 PW knees to elbows....then PW crawl 10 yards...then drop to your knees and grab a 2nd power wheel (have it ready!) and immediately do 10 power wheel rollouts to your chest....then set that one down and PW crawl backwards 10 yards and repeat til you have power wheel crawled 60 yards and done 60 not pause, do not rest, do it in one set!!! IF...and i say a big IF you can do this you're high level MBG!! That's Silverback Baby!!! Speaking of which...
New MBG Silverback Shirt!!! Want it???? Earn IT!!!!:)
 So how do you Earn It? That you gotta stay tuned for as i'll post that in a few days!! Here's a hint, you better be good at walking on your hands, jump rope doubles, kb dead cleans/squat/press, push ups, pull ups and of course power wheel crawls!!!!
Stay tuned my friends!!!!!


  1. Daaaamn, Jonny, braddah!!! Legit!!

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing the requirements and giving it a go!

  3. It's been over a month and no blog post?? You ok??? Love your blog and have been missing my usual "fix" lol

  4. I"M BACK!!!:)
    ZACH - how you doing my brother? :) hope to hang out soon!! would love to see you do the silverback requirements!!!:)
    JOSEPH - hope you dig them and go for them!!
    ALBERTO - heck yeah alberto!! at your pace you WILL DO IT!!! you're awesome man!!
    RYAN - I'm great!! moved back to madison for awhile and feeling strong:) glad you dig my blog and hope it helps:)
    peace my friends!!


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