Making 2013 Amazing! Leaner, Stronger, Healthier than EVER!!

New MBG Silverback shirts are a coming!!
It's the new year of 2013, it is time to step up to the plate, live your best, look yourself in the mirror and make change to be great! Not good, but great!! What does that involve? That is up to you to decide....TRULY look at yourself, your life, your health, be honest with what you want to BE in life! 

My life, my goals are to be my best, to be Bruce Lee said the hardest thing in life is to be a true human being! To be a great teacher and to help as many people as possible all over the world! To be this it is important to me to be as strong an example of what training, restoring and eating in the most healthy and happy manner possible!
  • I love the way we train....daily MBG Chi trainers and myself meet and train for high skill levels, we help each other, challenge each other and give feedback to each other constantly....I LOVE IT! It's a blast to train this way....constantly improving hand balancing, bar skills, jump skills.
  • Love the restoration and balance we do....we work diligently to improve our balance and mobility levels every day....using Eischens Yoga like crazy and mixing in some more dynamic mobility / stability drills as well. The difference being here is we do not just say, do yoga, we say we're getting walking back domes, we're getting back dome spins, we're nailing 1 arm handstand holds and warrior 3 pose held solid for 60 that FUN!!
  • Love the Plant Strong way we eat....we are leaner, stronger and healthier than ever in each of our lives!! We all love the way eating and drinking Plant Strong makes us feel! I literally look forward to every single meal of the day! I have fun at every meal of the day....honestly having a good time!!:) 
  • RESULT of TRULY following the MBG 3 path -  
    • TRAINING: Stronger than i've ever been, matching and surpassing numbers i have not touched in 10 years!! 
    • RESTORATION: More Balanced body than ever!! Man here i have NEVER BEEN CLOSE TO THIS STABLE AND MOBILE IN MY LIFE!! My body feels amazingly healthy and strong!!
    • NUTRITION: Third point is the effect of eating/drinking Plant Strong....HONESTLY Have not been this lean and strong in 10 years!!!
My friends, 2013 is already starting out as an amazing year! Step up, be the best you can be, walk the walk, BE that shining example that others want to follow and learn know WE are ALL here to HELP EACH OTHER and the PLANET to BE BETTER! Correct??:)
Peace, Health, Happiness:)


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  2. Dude if you paint yourself red, you have a self portrait on your shirt :)

    Awesome shirt JH definately got it right with that image. Have you fine tuned the requirements to attain one i.e colours for levels or a certain amount high class levels attained or perhaps a one off test?

    " The hardest thing in life is to be a true human being". Man isnt that the truth on so many levels. So much in todays world trying to chip away at you being true to yourself and to others that it becomes a constant work in progress.

  3. hey mate' thanks:) yeah printing them now....diff color prints too! so that might work perfect...WE still gotta finalize that my friend!!:) LEVELS!!:) on being a true human...yes!! constantly being true....a challenge no doubt...worth it? YES!!!:) talk soon my friend!

  4. oh yeah, you're right on the paint too!:) hahaha

  5. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those shirts. Well done Jon!

  6. Hey Jon! My names Marc Mazza. I've been following MBG since I was 19, so coming up on four years now. The progress that you have made personally and MBG as a whole is incredible. Thanks to you I have also progressed as an athlete and a person. I am aware of what I put into my body and how it can positively affect the World! Thank you for being an inspiration to me, and one of my most important mentors. After I graduate from University of Tampa Fall 2013 I plan on taking a bicycle tour down the west coast, summer 2014 with my brother. I'm looking to raise money for a good cause and get some sponsors. I had an idea to raise money for organic farms or some type of company that is bringing awareness to people about the importance of plant based foods. I would appreciate any ideas you have! Thanks again for everything you stand for
    Marc Mazza

  7. Hi Jon, are there any plans for an Orange County Ca location? Would love to have a location here.

  8. BRAD - they should arrive this coming question is this: do we allow folks (all) to buy silverback shirts? OR do we only give them to folks who are silverbacks? my plan is the later unless i hear proper arguements for the other:) haha in my mind you must be a silverback to wear this pass the following:
    MBG Nutrition - eating 90% or more plant strong as a lifestyle and show positive change to a leaner, healthier being.
    MBG Balance - back dome walk 10 yards, hold warrior 3 in a perfect T for 60 seconds each side, hold handstand without wall for 45 seconds
    MBG Training - hit 3 of the following: 30/300/3000 workout in under 30 minutes...15/15 clean and press 24s/16s for 100 reps...100 jump rope doubles in a row....20 box jumps to 24" box in 20 seconds....
    these are examples but not in stone...just closing in on what i'm thinking...BUT as i said, give me a proper reason and anyone can get one:) haha
    MARC - man that is great!! love to hear what you're doing my friend...very inspiring! how about making your ride a charity event? make it something news worthy...something that gives you great joy and challenge but something that can also allow you to tell others of what you plan on doing to donate in support. ride the whole thing standing up (no bike seat!)as one example....YT the entire event with daily charity challenges at the end of each day...100 yards pw crawl, 100 push ups, pullups etc:) hope this can spark an amazing idea for you!! and keep up the great work man!
    JAMES - we are licensing MBG's all over the world...i am no longer opening locations so it is up to folks like you that follow MBG online to take the torch to your neck of the woods and make an impact there:) the OC is a great place for one for sure!! Actually have some folks there interested right now:) thanks james!
    peace to all!


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