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The Single hardest Core set i've ever done!!! PLUS new SIlverback Shirt!!

This is a statement that you can rarely say (especially considering my background of training and being a strength coach for over 30 years)....needless to this one single Power Wheel set set a new bar!!!! I felt my core working and burning like never before!!! The combination of the various types of Power Wheel exercises without pause crushed us (jeremy, sam, matt and i)!!!!
SO What is it? 
Put the Power Wheel on your feet...get into incline plane...then do 10 PW knees to elbows....then PW crawl 10 yards...then drop to your knees and grab a 2nd power wheel (have it ready!) and immediately do 10 power wheel rollouts to your chest....then set that one down and PW crawl backwards 10 yards and repeat til you have power wheel crawled 60 yards and done 60 not pause, do not rest, do it in one set!!! IF...and i say a big IF you can do this you're high level MBG!!That's Silverback Baby!!! Speaking of which...
 So how do you Earn It? That you gotta stay tuned fo…

Smiling:), Training Strong...Step ONE of MBG 3 Baby!!

My cat Boobie again making us smile:) He's an awesome little cat! This cant help but bring a smile to your face:)

Todays blog is's a general layout of my training, eating / drinking, balancing for the week!
MBG Training -
Monday / Wednesday / Friday -
usually drilling various climbing and crawling drills in alternating fashion and in progressively harder fashion as well...we call it doing 'work UP' this for about 5-8 sets!!!! SOUL TRAINING!!!!!
handstand press ups (going down to touching chin to floor): 5 x 5 Been improving on this and feel real good about getting a press off parallettes soon! Do work up sets with the BXT and or the stall bars and it's working great!muscle ups: 5 x 5 either do kip muscle ups or work technique with various jump muscle ups OR we like to do kb weighted pullups OR soul training pullups....usually one of them each one day a week minimum....UNLESS we're doing J Rock which case we get a few in! J Rock still is m…

Making 2013 Amazing! Leaner, Stronger, Healthier than EVER!!

It's the new year of 2013, it is time to step up to the plate, live your best, look yourself in the mirror and make change to be great! Not good, but great!! What does that involve? That is up to you to decide....TRULY look at yourself, your life, your health, be honest with what you want to BE in life! 
My life, my goals are to be my best, to be Bruce Lee said the hardest thing in life is to be a true human being! To be a great teacher and to help as many people as possible all over the world! To be this it is important to me to be as strong an example of what training, restoring and eating in the most healthy and happy manner possible! I love the way we train....daily MBG Chi trainers and myself meet and train for high skill levels, we help each other, challenge each other and give feedback to each other constantly....I LOVE IT! It's a blast to train this way....constantly improving hand balancing, bar skills, jump skills.Love the restoration and balance we do....w…