Road Warrior Training Tip #14 Opening hips & shoulders!

Want to open tight hips you get when driving? 
Do this simple exercise.....key here, you GOTTA do it no matter where! That's the challenge:) hahaha Doing this movement in public might raise a few eyebrows but i guarantee if you do it right with proper up dog and down dogs YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING afterwards!
As you can see i'll do an exercise anywhere on the hour when we're doing our MBG Road Warrior training...that to me is part of the fun of gotta do it:) Sort of like a get out of your car and do 20 reps of up/down dog and IF you do each rep as we teach you in our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence (if you dont have it get it!!:), then you will really open up your hips and shoulders both of which can get really tight when you're driving. I do not know who is the person who designed seats for cars and airplanes but dang...ever take a look at our spines? Both seats force us into a rounded back and a forward head, so when you do this favorite Monkey Bar Gym warm up movement be sure to follow the proper Eischens Yoga cues and you'll unlock the tightness those seats can give us!!
Want to get Lean? Want to get Strong? 
Follow my simple Monkey Bar Gym tips for the day 
on MBG eating and MBG training:
MBG Plant Strong Eating - hand size (shaped into a bowl) meals only 3 x day...that's it my friends, it's simple, it's strong, it works!
MBG Training - Train as hard as you can without going to failure on any sets or reps, challenge yourself to constantly improve without hitting failure and you will reap great rewards!!! This is a simple rule all ol' time strong men followed and it still applies today!
If you like these tips play it forward my friends, share with your friends and family and lets spread the Monkey Bar Gym way and help People and Planet to be healthier and Happier okay!


  1. NICE I gotta rock these in my warm ups more!

    I think Jonny Braddah man is reppin an OG Underground Strength shirt!!! Gots to send my boy a new one! Text me address!

  2. hey brah:) yep that is one of your shirts:) haha good eye! man that is cool you're doing a book deal with DD! very cool Z! yeah do 20 of up/down dogs and man your gonna feel opened up and light!
    talk soon brother!


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