205lb Flagpole video, yoga tips and plans of action!!

Here's a video showing a great way to make holding a flagpole a bit easier, bend the top leg. This makes a shorter lever arm and thus makes holding at parallel to the ground easier. 
Lately to go along with our MBG training cycles i've been adding in alot of skill specific training to my warm ups....about 20 minutes each day of all types of handstands, levers, traveling ring combo's, partner balance leg exercises (hard but fun!) and for sure my flagpoles and then also lots of my favorite movement to practice; back domes.
Back Domes: why is this exercise my favorite because it is one single bodyweight exercise that truly shows the health of the body. You cannot do back domes if you are tight in the hips, shoulders, back, wrists. You basically get exposed! Try it, see if you can do a full back dome all the way to arms and legs straight! That's impressive if you can! Secondly can you lift one foot or arm? Third can you kick up and over and then back? Fourth, can you go into back dome from a standing position? Now that is wicked hard!!!:) Got a ways to go on most of those but that is cool:) Main thing is...being on the path towards it!!:)  
SUGGESTION: start out with supine bridge, get the actions we offer from the dvd correct first! Then move to just getting into back dome without lifting...again listen to the dvd cues! Then back dome on your head then off your head then the big goal...arms and legs straight!!:)
Yoga: Keeping it pretty simple....might notice i like or love simple. Doing Eischens Yoga everyday for me lately has been the beginner sequence, 3 breaths each pose for sure...but mostly doing lots of prone mountain and back domes mixed in with some warrior poses. Those 3 open up the whole body, dont take much time and leave you feeling great!  
TIP: Find what you can realistically do every week...if it's one Eischens Yoga pose, then just put the dvd in and do that one pose...then rewind and get it ready for the next day:) Heck maybe soon two poses:) haha 
ADVICE FOR YOU: Follow a plan of training that fits your goals...whatever they may be...are you weaker than you like? Then do the MBG Strength workouts 3 x week. Out of shape? Then do the MBG Stamina workouts 3-4 x week. In Pain? Do the Eischens Yoga dvd daily...beginner sequence 30 days straight minimum!!
BIG TAKE AWAY HERE:  Find a plan for you! We have it all for you in MBG workouts, Eischens Yoga and Plant Strong nutrition....key is to find a plan for all that you can live with and be happy! After all that is the key to life:)
My wish is that my blog helps you out my friends!


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