What i'm thankful for, some simple ways to feel good today!

Here's a quick video on some things i like to do when i want a sweat but want to recover and feel good too! 
What am i thankful for on this day?
1st off i'm thankful for my parents with whom have given me so many gifts of mental and physical strength i cannot count. My Dad Bobby has given me the desire to be outside the box, to continue to persevere when all others say to quit. And to know that every dark cloud has a silver lining! My Mom Joy has given me incredible strength of will,  a work ethic to always finish what i start and to be responsible for everything i do. Jessica Rucker for being so true and honest with me, to keep me on the a true path with everything from my work to my life. She shows me love in so many ways every day and always brings a smile to my face. To all the folks out there doing their best to make a positive change in themselves, people they come into contact with and the planet thru the way they walk the walk....all MBG's all over the world! How cool is it we are growing and have 14 true locations, each place is making a huge impact on the people they meet and thus on the planet as well. So many friends all over the world who inspire and also say something thru their actions to make the world a better place! Kevin Lewis, Zef, Rick, Jude, Andy and all their Bar-barian brothers, Mike Mahler, Henry Akins, Antoni Hardonk, Brian Johnson, Every single head person at all MBG's, every single member of MBG's, Colin Campbell, all folks who have recently began eating plant strong and are proving YOU CAN be lean and strong! Everyone out there who watches out for animal rights and continually supports those programs that do.
BIG THING i am thankful for is the many many people who are doing their best to make the planet healthier and happier.....each of us makes a difference but to those i mentioned above you all are taking the next step by positively influencing those who see you do what you do! You step up, you say what is needed...to all of you thank you much!
Peace my friends, walk the good walk always:)


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