3 Steps to Reducing Global Warming

Switching to a Plant Based Nutrition without question makes the biggest Positive Impact on Global Warming of any one thing we can do!!
Since i was a boy it has been in-grained into my head not to waste, not to liter, to recycle, re-use things whenever possible, bike over driving, do no harm to people, animals, planet!!.... Basically do whatever i can to make a positive, not negative impact on the planet....but alas pollution, global warming, massive killing of innocent animals, harming the planet and people has grown. THE TRUTH...it takes more than one to save our planet:)
So what can each of you do to save the planet from Global Warming?
ONE - IF you are already Plant Strong and walking the walk and rewarded with being lean, strong and vibrant then keep walking the walk of showing what is possible on a Plant Strong Plan. Next if you are a prime example of what a Plant Strong nutrition plan can achieve then help others to do the same! By being Lean, Strong and Vibrant you attract others whom want that as well, but talking and helping others who may be on the ropes, now you are expanding your circle of influence. Nothing is wrong with shining my friends and helping others to shine too. SO speak up, shout it out that you CAN help others to BE AMAZING TOO!!:)
When asked just give them some simple starters & suggestions for changes that they can make part of their lives that are not overwhelming....like Woody Harrelson did for me back in 1990! Just getting off dairy is super easy and they'll feel it instantly. Woody said give it a go for just one week and i guarantee you'll feel the difference....I DID!! And have never looked back!!
TWO - IF you are Plant Based but not really at a point where you are showing the positive effects of a Plant Strong plan then get on it my friend!! The simplest way to make others change is by showing them how great you look and feel!! IF you do not look and feel great then why would they follow what you are doing?
THREE - IF you are not plant based but are cool enough to be reading this then i applaud you first off:) And i ask you to try the NO DAIRY challenge that Woody put to me 22 years ago. One week, no dairy! This means no cows or any other animals milk, cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt for one week. Substitute with rice, almond, flax, soy or coconut milk, cheese and yogurts.
MY GUARANTEE is you'll feel cleaner and lighter immediately! 
With this knowledge and small change my friend you are making a positive change for people and planet. "Cause if you're not helping, you're hurting"!!!
So do this my friends! Do this first step! Continue to learn more on why this is so important and why your simple changes can save the planet!
HERE'S A GREAT ARTICLE FOR YOU ALL TO READ AS WELL: http://www.nowpublic.com/environment/climatologists-promote-plant-based-diet-halt-global-warming
IF you're doing this COMMENT on how you're helping to inspire others!!
IF you're new to eating Plant Strong comment that you are doing it to again inspire other as well!!
Either way, JOIN ME!!:)
Peace & Planet my friends!!!


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