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What i'm thankful for, some simple ways to feel good today!

Here's a quick video on some things i like to do when i want a sweat but want to recover and feel good too!  What am i thankful for on this day?
1st off i'm thankful for my parents with whom have given me so many gifts of mental and physical strength i cannot count. My Dad Bobby has given me the desire to be outside the box, to continue to persevere when all others say to quit. And to know that every dark cloud has a silver lining! My Mom Joy has given me incredible strength of will,  a work ethic to always finish what i start and to be responsible for everything i do. Jessica Rucker for being so true and honest with me, to keep me on the a true path with everything from my work to my life. She shows me love in so many ways every day and always brings a smile to my face. To all the folks out there doing their best to make a positive change in themselves, people they come into contact with and the planet thru the way they walk the walk....all MBG's all over the world! How co…

3 Steps to Reducing Global Warming

Switching to a Plant Based Nutrition without question makes the biggest Positive Impact on Global Warming of any one thing we can do!! Since i was a boy it has been in-grained into my head not to waste, not to liter, to recycle, re-use things whenever possible, bike over driving, do no harm to people, animals, planet!!.... Basically do whatever i can to make a positive, not negative impact on the planet....but alas pollution, global warming, massive killing of innocent animals, harming the planet and people has grown. THE takes more than one to save our planet:)
So what can each of you do to save the planet from Global Warming?
ONE - IF you are already Plant Strong and walking the walk and rewarded with being lean, strong and vibrant then keep walking the walk of showing what is possible on a Plant Strong Plan. Next if you are a prime example of what a Plant Strong nutrition plan can achieve then help others to do the same! By being Lean, Strong and Vibrant you attract other…