We all have a choice...Live,N B True! My thoughts

Foggy and Cambo:)
Over the last few weeks i've experienced many different emotions, challenges. Today i write based on a line i heard from Ip Man..."we all have choices, it is up to us to choose"....made me think, what did he mean by this? No doubt we all have choices....ah then it hit me...yes we all have choices and yes it is up to us to choose....BUT it is in that choice on HOW we react to everything. Do we:
"Go with the flow" as Bruce Lee said, or
"Flow with the Go" as Rickson Gracie said or do our best to this one:
"To thine own self be true" statement by Shakespere
Do they all mean making that choice of BEING, of doing that which is our nature, by living true? Bruce Lee also said the hardest thing to do is to be a true human being.....if you've ever watched him on video he is extremely passionate about this point!
Man it's so deep and true....so i think...my choices, your choices, our choices we all make over the last few weeks, ups, downs, personally happy (pic above) and sad (blue:( passing) then the many events that happen all day long for each and all of us.
Do we just go thru life accepting what is? Or do we LIVE? And listen to our true inner being and do that which is best for our self and this planet?
When we are true we follow our gut, we smile, we laugh, we connect to each other, animals, plants and the planet....BEING connected to self and nature IS being true i feel. Cause when we do so it IS living in the moment, accepting and being happy with what is. Not thinking of past or future.
SO if you really think about connecting to our self and nature you would choose to do that which makes both happy and healthier correct? That you cannot deny is what our guts always speak for.... looking into a babies happy eyes, a cat or dogs energy of accepting and being happy, the wind, the trees and being outside....ALL connect you to me and the planet!
Perhaps i'm trippin' here:) it's okay i'm having fun writing this!:) haha
Simple things YOU can do today to LIVE, to be TRUE, to choose to be connected to your inner self:
Really look into the eyes of the ones you love! Just sit and look at them, you will see them for real!
Get outside, everyone, everywhere, people on the east coast get out and experience a feel of what mother nature can do (be safe of course:). FEEL and connect to her power, feel the energy, see the wind and waves hitting the shore!
IF you're training today, focus on your movement, not reps but feeling the movement, your breath! Then focus on your partner, give them total support and encouragement!
If you've never trained with someone who is good at this it's amazing! YOU can make another stronger than they realize...YOU can show them they can do amazing things! It's a sort of knowing in your heart....you can literally see them doing something they do not know they can do yet...and you GIFT them this energy and knowing and they do it...that is connecting, that is being human, that is our nature!
Watch someone who inspires you and get inspired yourself....then i guarantee you will inspire another! This is how it goes, we all do good positive, we all pass it to another and so on and so on!
Why did i write this today, maybe to just say, Be True, Connect to self, to nature, to others, to planet! In doing so you, me, we will make the world a better place:)
Peace my friends!!!:)


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  2. Jon,

    Sorry to post this publicly, but I don't know how else to contact you. I've just published my first book and would like to personally send you a copy. It's a book of hypothetical scenarios and art created to get you thinking and debating. As a fellow vegetarian and fitness devotee, I really think you'll enjoy the book's emphasis on ethical issues, values, and spiritual awareness. You've inspired and motivated me for many years now and I'd like to send you the book as a thank you. My email address is michael@hypoethicals.com. I hope you'll contact me to let me know where I can mail the book.

    Again, I apologize for posting this here. Please delete after you get it.

    Your friend,
    Michael Forge

  3. why thank you michael, i'll e-mail you and look forward to reading your book! congratulations! that is a big accomplishment!

  4. Now we're talking...thanks for going the distance Jonny. Your depth is inspiring...you are not trippin'. You are on point. Ones inspiration essentially activates the excellence within another.

    Much Aloha brother.

  5. Good stuff as always Jon. Don't find this kind of thinking at any other gym or online fitness site. Glad you're doing it!!

  6. thanks JD and BG:) it's funny after writing this last blog today was a BIG hit! really really makes me look at my life, to go deeper and truly be true to myself and thus others as well....daily huh:) such is life...choose to see our truth or not see it...that's another level:) can i Dig deeper on that? gonna do my best:) peace my brothers:)


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