My favorite Books that make us all better:)

Hey my friends, thought i'd go off my usual blogging and talk about something that is very important...putting positive vibes and knowledge into ourselves. Reading or listening to audiobooks is what i'm talking about and it really has saved my life and can bring health and happiness
on a daily basis, relaxes us in a meditative manner and if we do it in one of the two
ways i mention it gets us outdoors as well...which is like walking or biking meditation! and....which is always healthy for us!!
About 8 years ago is when i went thru the most difficult times in my life and without going to walking and listening or reading i would have probably had a break down of some type. It kept my mind right, gave me a healthy perspective and positive outlook for my future. SO i thought why not share what books and audiobooks have helped me out in hopes they help some of you all out as well:)
My favorite Top 2 book stories to read and walk on living:
  1. "The way of the peaceful warrior",  by Dan Millman - this book was given to me by my good friend and great strength coach steve myrland....he had a box of em'! Dang i thought...but after reading it while walking almost 3 hours a day cause i could not get enough of it i realized's powerful, it's full of amazing life lessons! It really makes you see being in the moment, living at a higher level and believing in better things for yourself and others. Since reading it i too have probably given this book to at least 24 of my friends as well! 4 Star book for sure!!
  2. "The celestine phrophecies" - another great book, similar in adventure and interest to way of the peaceful warrior but more on the adventure side...but full of great lessons on life...literally 9 insights to living that are all on point! 4 Star book as well!!
  3. Now that i've read these two books many times i like to listen to them instead and still love hearing the great stories and lessons:)
My favorite Top 2 books to read and walk on the truths of life:
  1. "The Laws of the Jungle" -  Amazing book!! Talk about saying the truth of what is, how to let your inner beast out and LIVE! Man i love this book and read it every few months! 4 Stars for sure!!
  2. "The Warrior Within" - Book filled with Bruce Lee's philosophies on life....he was a student of philosophy so he did what he did with his martial training....picked what resonated with his inner being and applied that to his life and came up with wonderful insights to life, training, being! One of my 1st clients in LA...a mister John Mullin:) Great guy who actually trained with Bruce Lee in china town....he said Bruce was amazing, what other high level instructors could message to you in a paragragh, Bruce could relay in a word or 1 sentence clear as a bell! This book is FULL of his thoughts on everything...especially for MA's...great read over and over! 4 Star book!
My favorite Top books to read and walk on eating & being healthy:
  1. "The China Study" - Walked and read this book alot....actually it's better on audio as it's more concise and to the point so you can remember all the stats and studies better! This book literally changed my life forever! 4 Star book!
  2. "Thrive Diet" - This book is detailed, great for recipes, for athletes, for explaining stress, over training and lots more! For plant based athletes and non athletes this book is amazing!
  3. Tied with:"Meat is for Pussies"!!:) haha John Joseph my friend wrote this gem and he is living proof eating plant strong works for a strong and healthy life! As he's been doing it for about 30 years if i'm correct! I LOVE HIS honestly and not holding his punches! See why he and Mike Mahler are good friends:) Both are passionate as hell about what they do, eating healthy and doing what is best for people and planet!! BIG HELL YEAH for my two brother!!! 
  4. Mikes book "Live Life Aggressively" is an butt kicking book as well....if you need a kick in the arse, this book will do it for you! He's on point, blunt and holds no it!!
My favorite Top audiobooks to listen and bike too on living: When riding i mostly listen to lessons, inspiring types of books....when walking or to help me sleep at night i'll listen to stories more:)

  1. Really like Jerry and Ester Hicks e-books, listen to them almost daily as i ride to meet jessie at one of our favorite coffee shops here in chicago (both about 7-8 miles from our home:). This gives me good amount of time to listen...even though while riding you gotta pay attention to the road, they pretty much repeat the same mantra alot....go with the flow...similar to what Bruce Lee said:), to listen to your inner soul or spirit or gut and do what feels right and good. Listen to alot of their e-books on all subjects from relationships, to business, to health to money....all good stuff. 4 Star e-books!
  2. A Game Plan for Life - by John i love his books and e-books! He made such an impact in his day and still does with his wonderful words of wisdom, kindness and inspiration! Love hearing how various coaches learned from him too! GREAT BOOK!! 4 Stars!!
  3. "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" -  another book filled with lessons done in a story manner which is bar far my favorite way to learn lessons. Makes sense the old ones (native americans, native irish, african, south american or native anywhere) told stories to teach young ones....because they are fun to listen too, you want to hear them over and over and thus keep those lessons throughout your life to pass on to others! Love that! 4 Stars!! 
Honorable Mention e-books and books to listen too:
  1. Think and Grow Rich - Napolean Hill
  2. Any audio books by Alan Watts (great teacher of all eastern philosophies, Bruce Lee liked him too:)
  3. Audio books by Dale Carnegie as well...How to stop worrying OR How to win friends both are great!
  4. James Rollins books - :) yes:) haha i love adventure books and he's my man here:) read all his books, usually read or listen to them before bed:) 
  5. Tom Brown Jr books - he is the man who wrote the Tracker, The Vision, Grandfather and many more Native American / Skill / Survival training books that are all amazing information and let you see what else is possible if we look deeper into nature and ourselves. HE is the reason i did my vision quest recently! 

Adventure / Stories filled with Lessons & Learning types of books
Connecting with ourselves / nature types of books
Athletic inspiring thru philosophy types of books too like warrior within and peaceful warrior:)

Thank you my friends, tell me if this helps you in any way okay!


  1. Anything by either Jospeh Campbell of Erich Fromm. Fromm's "Escape from Freedom" is especially relevant today.

  2. Some good ones on your list Jon. Many are on mine too. Below are a few more I love. I could do this for days :)

    -Autobigraphy of a Yogi- Paramahansa Yogananda
    -Bone Games: Extreme Sports, Shamanism, Zen, and the Search for Transcendence- Rob Shultheis
    -Eat and Run- Scott Jurek (vegan ultramarathoner)
    -When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times- Pema Chodron
    -Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears- Pema Chodron
    -The Winter Athlete- Steve Ilg (sport as a spiritual path)
    -A Walk in the Woods- Bill Bryson (hilarious and poignant)
    -Blue Highways- William Least Heat-Moon (a journey into America)

  3. Hey Jon thanks for all the great reads! I read "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" a few years back when I saw that it was one of your favorite books. I find myself still going back to it to help remind myself of the path I want to travel. This was perfect timing though because in my Sports Mgmt. class we have to pick a book about mgmt. or leadership so I'm thinking "A Game Plan for Life" from your list will work great! Thanks again Jon

  4. For Life's Truths, I can't go past Paulo Cohelo's the Alchemist(always find something new everytime I read it)or Wallis Wattle's The Science of Getting Rich.

    Must re-read Celestine Prophecy - thanks for the reminder - and you've convinced me to check out The Laws of the Jungle!


  5. wow awesome suggestions my friends! happy to hear some of my suggestions have inspired you guys as some of yours have inspired me to read them!:) for sure all of you check out yossi ghinsbergs book laws of the's an amazing book...a quick read with just amazing points you all will love! it's really great to hear the books you guys like too....great ones!!
    keep strong of body and mind my friends, keep spreading the positive messages out...we're changing the world for the better!!!:)

  6. thank you for the suggestions! i have enjoyed many of these books, so i am excited to check out some of the ones that i haven't heard of. another great read that i enjoy kind of along the same line as alan watts is anything written by osho.

    on a side note, after knowing about your gym for a few years, i have finally joined in madison and am absolutely loving it!! good to hear you are enjoying chicago, although i do miss seeing you and justin doing all your crazy workouts on the playgrounds around here :)

    1. hey jackie, for some reason i'm just re-reading this blog post and wanted to tell you jessie and i just moved back to madison and so come on into our new location if you havent yet!! its great! and it would be good to see you!


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