How to make massive positive change!! Get inspired & commit!!

Wounded Warrior Stopping by MBG during Chicago Marathon!! Talk about inspirational!!!
This is gonna be do you make massive positive change?
Find what you want....dont let others make this decision for what YOU want!!
Once you find that see yourself achieving it...picture it, talk to yourself about it, believe it! Trust me on this got to believe you can do it or all the lean eating, hard training aint gonna help!
Positive attitude and knowing you're gonna do it is everything!
Secondly make a goal that is amazing! Not a 5k walk, but something truly amazing! The folks running a marathon that was awesome...seeing alot of those that you'd say no way they can run a marathon doing it with a smile too!! AMAZING!!!
Thirdly...make your plan...Tony Robbins says...make a MAP (a massive action plan). What is that? It's this: Find out where you are now....sort of like on a trip...gotta know where you are before charting your path. THEN, Clearly make your goal...your destination. Then work backwards from that goal realistically now:) and chart to make it with week to week improvements.
Fourth: Lay your plan out and then stick to it!
Simplest one for fat loss and muscle gain? Eat Less, Get hungry 3-4 x day! Eat ONLY strong plant foods like kale, beans, sweet potatoes, etc....strong plant! Train the MBG workout cycles and improve your numbers week to week!
It's simple and it's strong!!
I'm gonna be showing my results soon but they've been great doing this my friends...massive fat loss and added alot of muscle and strength!....simple and strong is good:)
Last two weeks on just one of my workouts:
10 minutes x 15/15: week 1         week 2          week 3        improvement
muscle ups                     22               26                 30                  +8 reps
press ups to chest:          22              25                  28                  +6 reps

  • Warrior Elite Greens + coconut water
  • Bulgar, Warrior Food, blueberries, almond milk
  • after workout: WEG's + coconut water
  • Kale, carrots, mushrooms, peas, lentils
  • Kale, avocado, tomato, black beans, cabbage, sesame sticks
  • rice cake with some PB2 on it (if you havent had this is awesome!!!:)

Now my friends...if you've been overweight for awhile now YOUR TIME IS NOW!!
Start today, if you're not sure what's less...get hungry 3 x day!!! that will guide you!
Eat less, Train Hard, Get Lean, Get Strong!!


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