Hi 5 MBG Chicago & Amazing Results & Change from MBG3!!

Beto!! What an amazing young kid! Since joining the MBG Chicago he's dropped over 100lb of fat! His mindset is awesome and so is MBG Chicago's! BIG HI 5 BETO and BIG HI 5 MBG Chicago led by Jeremy Liban on down the line, you guys are doing AND looking amazing!!!!:) Yoked (term used to say someone is in amazing shape:), supportive, inspiring are small adjectives to relay how proud i am of all of you!!! GREAT JOB!!!

This week has been amazing for me too:) Feeling lean, strong, balanced and on point on my own walking the walk:) Really honestly feel amazing! Why is it that people need to kill animals and hurt the planet (by eating and transportation of animal products) in order to look in shape when they can MBG 3 and get in the same great shape without the pain to person, people and planet??

MBG 1 - training:
up'd my numbers again on everything!! Bar-b requirements numbers UP....easily getting sets of 5 MU's anytime i want now....still kipping but looking way better...push ups, pull ups, dips all better! 2 months ago before my vision quest i was not close.....the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely getting brighter.
MBG 2 - eating:
Since my quest and making it clear to myself to take my nutrition and fitness to another level my life has changed so much its crazy....thinking back to massive stress at the start of the year....being about 19% bf...yes that's true...stress and eating too much healthy food can do that!....but since just check out my numbers of positive change....by becoming very clear on my walking the MBG 3 walk:
Age         Weight         Body fat %  LBM (lean body mass)       Fat            Fat Loss / Muscle Gain
48 (spring)      221              19%                   179 pounds                  42 lbs              -
49 (oct)         203.6              8%                    187.5 pounds                16 lbs             -26lbs / +8.5lbs
That's a 34.5 pound positive change!!:) 

MBG 3 - balance:
Daily i do little things to feel good and balanced and balanced in a bigger way than just doing an Eischens Yoga sequence....riding my bike to work on the northside with jessie each morning...this is my time to relax, meditate, listen to positive messages. Stopping to do a bit of eischens yoga and mobility work too....these things done daily make me feel good, happy, healthy:)
My friends, good things are happening:) it is truly my desire to help change the fitness world for the better and it is happening:) things are becoming clearer and clearer....walking the walk, seeing a better person, people and planet:)
Peace my friends!


  1. Hi Jon. Great results all round! BTW what system/equipment do you use to record BF %?

  2. hey colin, calipers, 3 sites, been doing it that way for 30 plus years:) jess takes it:) thanks colin, hope you're great!

  3. Jonny, What three sites do you test from?


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