Fat Loss by Happiness? YES:) possible!!

Fat loss by Happiness....what the heck do i mean by that? Exactly THAT...if you are not happy, enjoying life most likely it's gonna be very challenging to lose body fat and get lean. While on the other hand if you really enjoy your life it will be alot easier to get lean and strong!
The video above shows my bike ride i do daily now here in chicago....when i first moved here life was very challenging. Opening a new location, moving here, totally new place and at the time not a very bike friendly place. Result i got stressed and thus gained a considerable amount of body fat despite my eating good (but a bit too much:) and training regularily.....what was missing? Happiness! Doing simple things that make me feel good and happy each day. I learn lessons all the time, some take longer than others no doubt, this one i realized while in madison, my home town. Everytime back there i'd ride my bike daily all over the city, would meet jessie for morning cafe' and work and then ride some more....my meditation. But when back in chicago...no riding until the last 2 months! Life is much better, using my time riding to listen to positive audio books, BE outside and get some exercise i love! It's a little thing but it makes me happy, gets me outside daily for 30-60 minutes minimum and is very good for me AND jessie:)
SO get outside, find something you love to do, that makes you happy & healthy, do it daily....MIX in your healthy MBG eating and training and good things will happen:)
Healthy MBG eating - 
  1. warrior elite greens + coconut water, baby spinach, blueberries, banana
  2. veggies + psuedo grains: kale, tomato, cous cous, yucca, peas, corn, more:)
  3. coconut water + warrior food (after workout meal)
  4. veggies + legumes: kale, detox greens, mushrooms, peas, lentils, carrots
  5. apple and some PB2 (instant low fat peanut butter that is the bomb!)
Healthy MBG training - progress strength and stamina workouts each week thru cycles!!
It's simple, it's strong, it's happy, it's healthy:)


  1. So you didn't stick to cutting out all protein powders?
    Why not if I may ask, was it to hard on the body?


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