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We all have a choice...Live,N B True! My thoughts

Over the last few weeks i've experienced many different emotions, challenges. Today i write based on a line i heard from Ip Man..."we all have choices, it is up to us to choose"....made me think, what did he mean by this? No doubt we all have choices....ah then it hit me...yes we all have choices and yes it is up to us to choose....BUT it is in that choice on HOW we react to everything. Do we:
"Go with the flow" as Bruce Lee said, or
"Flow with the Go" as Rickson Gracie said or do our best to this one:
"To thine own self be true" statement by Shakespere
Do they all mean making that choice of BEING, of doing that which is our nature, by living true? Bruce Lee also said the hardest thing to do is to be a true human being.....if you've ever watched him on video he is extremely passionate about this point!
Man it's so deep and i choices, your choices, our choices we all make over the last few weeks, ups, downs, pers…

Fat Loss by Happiness? YES:) possible!!

Fat loss by Happiness....what the heck do i mean by that? Exactly THAT...if you are not happy, enjoying life most likely it's gonna be very challenging to lose body fat and get lean. While on the other hand if you really enjoy your life it will be alot easier to get lean and strong!
The video above shows my bike ride i do daily now here in chicago....when i first moved here life was very challenging. Opening a new location, moving here, totally new place and at the time not a very bike friendly place. Result i got stressed and thus gained a considerable amount of body fat despite my eating good (but a bit too much:) and training regularily.....what was missing? Happiness! Doing simple things that make me feel good and happy each day. I learn lessons all the time, some take longer than others no doubt, this one i realized while in madison, my home town. Everytime back there i'd ride my bike daily all over the city, would meet jessie for morning cafe' and work and then ride …

Hi 5 MBG Chicago & Amazing Results & Change from MBG3!!

Beto!! What an amazing young kid! Since joining the MBG Chicago he's dropped over 100lb of fat! His mindset is awesome and so is MBG Chicago's! BIG HI 5 BETO and BIG HI 5 MBG Chicago led by Jeremy Liban on down the line, you guys are doing AND looking amazing!!!!:) Yoked (term used to say someone is in amazing shape:), supportive, inspiring are small adjectives to relay how proud i am of all of you!!! GREAT JOB!!!
This week has been amazing for me too:) Feeling lean, strong, balanced and on point on my own walking the walk:) Really honestly feel amazing! Why is it that people need to kill animals and hurt the planet (by eating and transportation of animal products) in order to look in shape when they can MBG 3 and get in the same great shape without the pain to person, people and planet??

MBG 1 - training:
up'd my numbers again on everything!! Bar-b requirements numbers UP....easily getting sets of 5 MU's anytime i want now....still kipping but looking way better...push…

How to make massive positive change!! Get inspired & commit!!

This is gonna be do you make massive positive change?
Find what you want....dont let others make this decision for what YOU want!!
Once you find that see yourself achieving it...picture it, talk to yourself about it, believe it! Trust me on this got to believe you can do it or all the lean eating, hard training aint gonna help!
Positive attitude and knowing you're gonna do it is everything!
Secondly make a goal that is amazing! Not a 5k walk, but something truly amazing! The folks running a marathon that was awesome...seeing alot of those that you'd say no way they can run a marathon doing it with a smile too!! AMAZING!!!
Thirdly...make your plan...Tony Robbins says...make a MAP (a massive action plan). What is that? It's this: Find out where you are now....sort of like on a trip...gotta know where you are before charting your path. THEN, Clearly make your goal...your destination. Then work backwards from that goal realistic…

My favorite Books that make us all better:)

Hey my friends, thought i'd go off my usual blogging and talk about something that is very important...putting positive vibes and knowledge into ourselves. Reading or listening to audiobooks is what i'm talking about and it really has saved my life and can bring health and happiness
on a daily basis, relaxes us in a meditative manner and if we do it in one of the two
ways i mention it gets us outdoors as well...which is like walking or biking meditation! and....which is always healthy for us!!
About 8 years ago is when i went thru the most difficult times in my life and without going to walking and listening or reading i would have probably had a break down of some type. It kept my mind right, gave me a healthy perspective and positive outlook for my future. SO i thought why not share what books and audiobooks have helped me out in hopes they help some of you all out as well:)
My favorite Top 2 book stories to read and walk on living:
"The way of the peaceful warrior",…