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Chicago on a late evening bike ride!! Nice huh:)
Form and our Egos: Since coming back to Chicago from Madison a few weeks back i've been training with the MBG Chicago trainers, having great workouts, teaching, sharing ideas and having alot of fun. One constant has been improving form and i'm not just meaning me to them!!:) haha It's great to get feedback on my own form too and that goes for everything from yoga to bodyweight to kettlebell training.
One thing i noticed and you might notice this yourself is how quickly we will all sacrifice our form for the sake of hitting X amount of reps on a set or workout. When we sacrifice our form in order to hit those reps or finish the workout in a faster time we do this purely for stroking of our egos. What else can it be...we are sacrificing our form in order to achieve a goal.....or not to feel un-easy due to not finishing a workout with the rest of the 'high level' people in class. In both cases it's ego.
I see this in classes when people mis-count on the jump rope (this happens alot:) or the most common from shortening their range of motion on push ups, dips, pullups, squats, etc....that is the one that i see alot. And have to kick myself in the butt here too as watching myself do my first actual attempt at the bar-barian requirements on wednesday i saw shortening up of my reps on my push ups and pullups. SO WHAT TO DO? Practice proper form, give each other lots of feedback on form and stick to it in workouts or whatever type challenge we do. It's funny i see it in almost and i mean almost 100% of the people i see training!! Got to give 2 thumbs up to one friend and one group of people who are sticklers on maintaining perfect form at all times and i love that!! 
  1. Zef: head Bar-barian, good friend and a guy who never breaks form or even for that matte never strains to get reps, when he's feeling fatique he stops! Man we all can learn a lesson from him on this as instinctively we all think push that little bit more makes the difference when in reality it is the speed and power of our reps during the first 80-90% of all the reps that makes up improve...not those straining reps that make us stronger....those reps might make us mentally stronger but that is my second thumbs up proved big time!
  2. Old School Strongmen: during the old physical culture era these guys set some records that no one today even approaches and they ALL had a simple rule, never go to failure unless testing and dont even do straining reps where you might find yourself cheating in order to get the reps. I like to explain this similar to how i jump train and teach jump long as you're touching the same height on your jumps, keep jumping as you're putting out the same amount of power and that's good! But once your jumps drop below that marker, stop, that set is done as you obviously are no longer producing the same amount of power. Training this way is ol' school big time but dang!! Find someone who improves jumps like i do!!!:) haha
  3. SO in both cases Zef and Old school strongmen...and even my jump training program the results are off the charts why not apply the same rules to your training?? Good question to ponder huh:) haha
Soul Training with Kettlebells!!:) Yes me:) haha: SO yesterday we decided to have some fun, train hard, Soul Training Style....BUT with kettlebells!!:) haha YEP i normally do not do alot of kb training so this was a fun break. In keeping with the above rules of thumb too it was a great great workout!!
  • Dead Stomp Cleans: did low rep sets with 32's focusing on speed, form and balance (here really stressed a strong hip extension too and it really helped as all trainers did great!!)
  • Step back lunges: using same weight and low reps just focused on balanced, controlled reps:)
  • Bottoms up clean as heavy as possible: this we did with one bell and focused on various grips of the handle to help or challenge more this movement...Then of course progressed that into a bottoms up clean and press:) fun and the 28k both sides so that was fun:)
  • Turkish Get Up press: when at hip lift part do your this one alot as it's a good feel, takes good balance and control and you feel your mobility and strength coming into play alot which i like! From here we mixed it up ALOT which you'll see in the upcoming MBG Cycle!!!! hahah cant tell you everything!!:) haha but it's wicked!
  • Side and Bent presses...alot of fun...worked up to 36k and felt really good full body
  • German hangs
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Slant board 1 arm HLR's...awesome!!
  • KB levers: 24s to 32s
We had a great time, honestly it was alot of fun to play with the bells again
NOTE FOR TODAY: I believe animals are always connected, pause, spend a minute with a animal today if you can, pay attention to how they are always in the moment...connect with THAT:) you'll smile for sure:)


  1. "Slant board 1 arm HLR's" Hmm... trying to figure this out. 1 arm hanging leg raises? Where does the slant board come in??? :)

  2. BRAD - HLR's are with 2 a slant board at about 45 deg allows you to pull to give good challenge did it one arm:) still very very hard:) haha THINK old school stall bars with a 2x8 angled off it and you got it:)

  3. Awesome post- form over failure.

    Man can't tell you how many times I have caught people out fudging numbers in jump rope

  4. haha big time see the JR mis-counted by massive time this guy...positive he's done before me doing 300 reps....he's breaking a gym record by 30 seconds too.....he was counting by 2's!!!:) haha always happens!:)

  5. I thought each jump counts for two since I have two legs. I guess this means each pushup rep only counts as one too? :)


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