The Best 6 Pack Exercises and Why! Plus more!

Full Power Wheel rollout....the big daddy of core exercises!
FACT: In about 1990 the University of California at Berkeley did a study to find the best core exercise.
GOAL: To find the best core training tool or exercise out. This tool or exercise had to elicit the strongest contraction from upper, lower abs as well as obliques (the sides:). In this study they tested all the old school exercises like sit ups, leg raises, crunches and then also tons of weighted movements like machine sit ups, weighted knees to elbows, machine rotations and any other "core" tool they could think of....well when they asked to put the Power Wheel into the test i said sure...and by the way the Power Wheel is gonna win!:) They laughed and said how can you be so sure....i simply told them that NO other tool or exercise puts the body in a lengthened position that is also un-stable like the power wheel.
As you can see from the picture above; Full Power Wheel Rollout...the mid section or core of the body is in the most challenged position...
FIRST: because the core is exactly in the middle between power wheel and feet, thus the core is at the most challenge point.
SECOND the Power Wheel makes this movement extremely un-stable as well because the PW can move in all directions causing the body to react to maintain alignment and thus increasing core engagement that much more....even more challenging!
THIRD because this movement is directly opposing gravity which forces the hardest contraction possible...and it's not even loaded (which it can be to make it way harder still!!:).
TRUTH by told, no other core exercise or tool puts the body in an un-stable, directly opposing gravity position like the power wheel on rollouts, crawling, pike ups. Funny thing is they weighted other tools and exercises and they still did not beat the Power Wheel!! IF they would of resisted the PW movements it would of been a joke how much the PW would of won by:) 
RESULTS WERE AS I EXPECTED: Power Wheel elicited the strongest contractions on all upper, lower abs as well as obliques by a large margin.
Because of this it's still my favorite core (but no doubt full body!!!!:) training tool and along with getting leaner gives the quickest 6 pack you can get! Alot of folks think just by doing core stuff you'll get a six pack which is funny:) Gotta get lean my friends:) Men you'll start to see em from 10-15% and see them really good under 9%, women 15-20% you should see a 6 pack:)

My favorite workout this week was an old favorite of mine....the J-Rock! Did 4 rounds of over 25 total reps of;
  1. handstand push ups > deep ROM push ups off bars > dips
  2. pole climbs (up down left right = 1) > monkey bar climbs > assisted chin ups
LOVE THIS WORKOUT!!!!!:) 3.8**

My favorite plant strong meal this week: Whole Foods salad bar!! yes, i'm addicted to it:)
kale, avocado, tomato, some quinoa, black beans, raw walnuts....and yes the sesame seed croutons:)

SO what's your favorite Power Wheel workout? My favorite to feel a crazy contraction is Power Wheel crawling....doing a couple hundred yards on a football field makes me feel taller, stronger and just great!!!!:)

Peace my friends!


  1. The power wheel is great. I also like when we do those JGXT superman extensions - those seem like a pretty good ab workout too.

  2. hey coyler, they are really great but not as much as the PW as the JG has a limit to how far out it will go before raising up and stopping doesnt therefore you gotta stop it which is way better for increased strength and balance...hope this is clear:) thanks!


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