MBG3 so far this week: strong training, balance work and eating!

Having fun on the bars:)...this is good to do my friends...play, try new combo's...have fun!!
Hey my friends! Feeling good, training, eating and restoring all good!:)
MBG 1 - Training: 
Monday did a 15/15 x 10 minutes of muscle ups AND handstand press up (touch chest) (10 sets ea)
  • Muscle ups = 22 reps
  • Press ups = 22 reps
    • rested 5 minutes, then did 30/30 x 10 minutes of dips and pullups (5 sets each)
  • Dips = 53 reps
  • Pullups = 35 reps
    • rest 5 minutes
  • Power Wheel full assisted with 70lb bxt (partner style 4 of us) 1-5 reps holding incline plane btwn each person, then a 30 second hold when all done with reps....man this felt amazing!!!
MBG 2 - Eischens Yoga and Mobility drills
  • daily did 1-4 poses minimum for 60 seconds plus each for 2-3 sets of EY
  • daily did shoulder mobility drills with chest expander for 5s to 8s
MBG 3 - Plant Strong Nutrition
  • Bulgar, warrior food, banana, blueberries and almond milk
  • coconut water + warrior elite greens (favorite after workout quick drink!!)
  • baby spinach, frozen mango, warrior meal, warrior foundation, coconut water
  • apple
  • kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tempeh, sesame sticks, bell peppers and onions
  • popcorn with some flax oil and sea salt on top! (flax oil taste like butter!!:)
My friends, find what makes YOU happy, your path, your way to make you and the planet better! I hope that by sharing what i do it inspires you to follow suit and make that change to training, restoring and eating in a way that makes people and planet healthier and happier!!:)
peace my friends!


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  2. Hi Jonny,
    I am new to your blog and your writing. Really great content here.
    Can you explain a couple things from this post?
    What are you daily shoulder mobility drills? And why? I done shoulder warm-up stuff recently and found it really helpful with mobility and want to see what your thoughts are on it.

    Foods with "warrior" before them, or "warrior meal", and "warrior foundation", is this a brand? Or are you using them as hashtags or something?

    I really like the idea of coconut water + super greens mix post-work, if that is what you are implying. Since I went plant-based I stopped with protein shakes all together and would like to get back into something simple for recovery. Crazy enough though is that since I began a life of only eating plants my energy and vibrance levels are through the roof, recovery is amazing, and the need to supplement recovery has been almost non existent.

    1. Warrior is a brand made by Healthforce http://healthforce.com/?ref=logo. You can find all the products Jon mentions here. Looks like their site is offline until Sunday the 29th however.


  3. BRAD is correct...warrior brand is foods too, not supplements...it's 110% powerful stuff and the only stuff i add to anything other than my coconut water and living barley greens i take as well that is powerful stuff too!
    the shoulder mobility drill is a great simple exercise i do almost daily to open and warm up my shoulders...i use one of my inventions called a chest expander which you can pick up here: http://tmbjh.onhru.servertrust.com/chestexpander-p/4-cx-3.htm
    simple and strong!:) glad you like my blog too and thank you for dialogue:)
    BRAD as always thank you for your support:)

  4. Great thanks for both of your replies.
    Oh, Healthforce, I know of them. I see them around frequently.
    Thanks for the link on the chest expander, too.


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