Having fun, yet improving daily...easy or hard?

The Tough "Double Power Wheel Pike ups":) having FUN!

Think back to a time when something came really easy to you....perhaps you were little playing
on the playground, or you starting dancing, playing rugby or drawing. When you really got 'into' it
everything just began to flow, you became engrossed in it. It's what you think about all the time, you cant wait to do it again, talk about it or dream about it.
SO why is it any different when pertaining to fitness, eating, re-balancing the body and mind?
I'm not saying we must do each and all one way, but if you find YOUR WAY that YOU DIG i just think you'll be happy and healthy:)
So far since getting back here to Chicago and training again with my head trainers here we are having a BLAST! Every workout is a session of joy, laughter, serious challenge. It's Soul Training for sure! That is what all high level people do in whatever they love...my brother greg and i when we were breakdancing back in the early 80's use to do just this for about 4 hours a night 7 days a week! Practicing moves, challenging each other to do something harder, combining various moves....times like this you never forget the rest of your lives because you were literally living, free and loving it!
The last few days this week i know personally it's been alot like that on everything....doing my best to have fun in everything i do...training, eating and balancing and even working...although that last one is still a challenge:) haha
MBG Training with Jeremy, Sam and Matt has been about an hour of just training / practicing alot of hand balancing, bar movements, combinations of both as well as lots more fun things....then we throw in a workout at the end of it:) The video above is some fun stuff we tried with 2 power wheels, super challenging, fun, inspiring and hard!!:) haha Usually training for about 1.5 to 2 hours!!:) Then instead of driving in the car to go work i've been biking everywhere just like i always do in madison...and the result is i'm having alot more fun, arrive to work in a much more peaceful mode and feel completely relaxed and happy when i get there to work:) I LOVE BIKING:) Connecting and being a part of the outdoors, feeling the breeze, smelling the greenery, saying hi to everything on the ride....love it:)
MBG Plant Strong eating with jessie....we've been killing it!! Feeling amazing! Since returning we've been listening to our bodies alot more than before my vision quest and it's noticeable for sure....greater energy, feeling happier, getting leaner, stronger.....not bad huh:) What's different? Eating less for sure, cut down my eating quite a bit, eating only when hungry wasnt a big change but eating less has been one change per meal...til satisfied is the difference and it's clearly making a big difference for me in many ways. I've also been pounding the greens and warrior greens products as well which i love a ton! Dont endorse much ever, for sure these are extremely off the charts amazing foods to take in....blue/green algae, spiralina, chorella and more good stuff....only filled with amazing ingredients like those above....my morning drink jess and i take in looks like the green drink IRON MAN was drinking!!:) BUT ours tastes awesome: Juiced Greens or for quick version i bottle of Just Greens + Warrior Extreme Greens + Warrior Foundation + a dash of my pure stevia = amazing taste and feeling even more amazing all morning! Usually doing 2 of these a day....sometimes with coconut water instead...either way it's great. The thing is it feels good, feels natural as hell and makes me happy and healthy!
MBG Eischens Yoga with Boobie my cat:) He makes me chill while doing it and that makes it fun....i do a pose, play with him and repeat then play more with him at the end which we both love:)
That's my 'way' my friends...so the question is are you having fun? are you listening to your heart and doing that which makes you truly happy and thus healthy?
Hope so my friends!!:)


  1. What bike do you ride, jon? A singlespeed? I love mine!

  2. I am having fun, thanks for asking :) You gotta post a pic of your bike Jon. That thing is well-loved ;)

  3. KIKOLU - actually have 5 bikes, 3 single speed bikes, 2 10 speed road bikes...the one i ride ALL the time is my 25 year old hybrid 10 speed with a basket in the front:) LOVE IT:) always ride it:)
    BRAD - no doubt i will:) it's my iron horse! broke the crank 3 times, broke the frame in a crash with a truck:) it's still putting in about 10-15 miles a day:) haha i'll post one soon! :)

  4. Nice! I remember seeing a pic a few years ago. Love seeing well-used bikes. Much cooler than pristine machines that never get ridden. :)

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