Challenges for you!:) and my super slow muscle up!

Super Slow Muscle Up on our 
NEW Adjustable Gymnastic Rings!

Hey my friends! Hope you're all doing great! Been having alot of fun training back in chicago as i mentioned lately and starting to see improvements from not having to travel all the time:) haha Above getting a super slow muscle up which i havent done in many years so it feels great to get this again at 49, over 200lbs and 100% plant based!!:) This has been a challenge i've missed hitting over the last probably 6 years or so! 
SO What are your challenges? Now mind you i do not mean purely physical here....a big challenge for most might be doing that which is balancing for you Eischens Yoga, OR eating 85% plant based instead of 50%:)....challenges...BUT good for you, they CHANGE YOU FOR THE BETTER!!
Here are some of mine and maybe they'll help you with yours?
  1. Bar-barian requirements....getting closer...breaking up a few into is 9:40 so far too with broken sets
  2. L seat to handstand on parallel bars! Man i wanna get this:) close!!:)
  3. Back flip - very close still doing it from 24" box to 16" mats:)
  4. Doing my eye exercises daily!:) (bates method...very good stuff to correct eyes!)
  5. Doing my Eischens Yoga daily
  6. Spending time with my sweetie and mate jessica daily
  7. Eating plant strong...not a challenge for me here as i love what i eat:) haha But just making an example here:)
Hope this gives you and idea of what to write...why? so we can get a dialogue going of how to achieve these looking to improve we all can help each other here so give some and get some!!:)

Still eating plant strong and feeling really good!
try this one...coconut water + warrior elite greens = super healthy, energizing and amazing after workout drink!! 
Look forward to hearing your thoughts my friends!


  1. Haha Jonny you make it seem like it's so tough, but I saw that smile halfway down. Too funny, but also super impressive man. Keep up the good work man

  2. Nice Jon! The new rings look sweet. When will those be available? Also, you now weigh less than me, by a fair amount and are still crushing the workouts. Ugh. Gotta get myself together and get back to my slim self ;)

  3. CHRIS - it was tough!!!:) haha just easy on return:)
    BRAD - at 204 right now, feeling really good, leaner, stronger for sure! you can do it easy my friend. check how much youre it's alot more than you think:) happy to help,

  4. Thanks Jon, I appreciate it. Seems like I've been stuck for awhile but I'm starting again tomorrow :)

  5. Hey Jon - What is this stuff: warrior elite greens? Do they sell it at Whole Foods?


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